Battle Pass is returning with a new season on September 14, when Autumn Overture goes live. We’ve modified a few rewards based on the community feedback, and you can enjoy Battle Pass Season 4 until October 12.

What’s in a Battle Pass?

For those new to this item, Battle Pass Season 4 is an event characters at Level 60 Hongmoon Level above 1 can participate in. It offers a series of challenges to gain points and level up your Battle Pass. The 80 available levels are organized into seven stages which each contain their own set of challenges. Each level will rewards you with various items.

How to start the adventure

It’s very simple: click the Battle Pass button right under the mini map, check the list of challenges listed, and start completing them to collect points! Challenges include logging into the game, completing Daily or Weekly Challenges, clearing various dungeons, or fulfilling certain quests.

You can also increase the Battle Pass rewards by purchasing a Battle Plaque in the Hongmoon Store ([F10] shortcut)! Once purchased, don’t forget to activate it in the Battle Pass window and collect additional rewards for the levels you’ve already completed.

Battle Potions are available in the Hongmoon Store if you want to speed up the process. Each Battle Potion grants points in the Battle Pass to level up faster! ⚠NOTE⚠ Battle Potions can only be used during the Battle Pass Season you bought them!

Here are all the Battle Pass items on offer in the Hongmoon Store:

Item Name

Cost (NCoin)


Battle Plaque



Battle Potion



Battle Potion (x10)



Battle Potion (x150)


1 per account


Once you start leveling up your Battle Pass Season 4, you can claim your rewards in the Battle Pass window by clicking the Claim button under the completed levels. Multiple rewards can be claimed simultaneously via the “Collect All” button. Progress on the Battle Pass is tracked per character, and you can participate using multiple characters.

For Season 4 of the Battle Pass, we tweaked a few rewards based on the community feedback. We increased the amount for the following items: Upsurge Essences, Wonder Radiance Stone Chests, Radiant Starcross Stone Fragments, and Shadowed Starcross Stone Fragments! Premium Members also get additional Starcross Essences.

If you complete the Battle Pass Season 4, you will receive 35,000 gold, 20 Pet Packs, 13 Sacred Vials, and 65 Synthesis Stones, among other things. Here are the other items you can get:

Soulstone/Sacred Orb/

Elysian Orb/Moonstone

Flame/Ocean/Earth/Wind/Nature/Lightning Skystealer Crystal

Eminence/Premium Reputation Charm

Dokkaebi Soju

Scale Support Chest

Champion’s Charm

Searing Hongmoon/Grandmaster’s Etching Stone

Sealed Legendary Gem Hammer

Nocturnal Scale

Legendary Element

Silversteel Ore

Imperial Soju

Honing Oil

Chocolate Delight

Premier Hongmoon XP Charm/Hongmoon Quick XP Charm

Premium Transformation Stone

Hongmoon Gem Powder

Aransu Insignia Chest

Twisted Heart


Battle Pass Season 4 is part of the Autumn Overture update releasing on September 14, and we can’t wait for you to play it!