As fall returns to us, Fortune’s Favor returns to Blade & Soul with the Autumn Overture release on September 14. We’ve changed a few things based on the feedback players shared and even added two surprises! Let’s roll out the red carpet for this Fall Event, which ends on September 28.

Accessing Fortune’s Favor

The event can be accessed from either the main menu or the icon bar in the bottom right corner of the game window. The Fortune’s Favor window will present you with five different boards that each offer different sets of prizes. You will need to purchase Fortune’s Favor Coins in the Hongmoon Store ([F10] shortcut) to unlock rewards on the boards. Once you’ve completed a board, you can reset its progress by purchasing a Fortune's Favor Reset and then start earning its rewards again.

Item Name




Fortune's Favor Coin (x2)

x2 Fortune's Favor Coin

0 Hongmoon Coin

Limit of 1 per week

Premium Daily Fortune's Favor Coin (x2)

x2 Fortune's Favor Coin

0 Hongmoon Coin

Premium members only, limit of 1 per day

Fortune's Favor Coin (x10)

x10 Fortune's Favor Coin

440 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin (save 10%)

Hongmoon Coin purchase limited to 1 per day

Fortune's Favor Coin (x50)

x50 Fortune's Favor Coin

2080 NCoin (save 15%)


Fortune's Favor Coin (x100)

x100 Fortune's Favor Coin

3920 NCoin (save 20%)


Fortune's Favor Coin (x300)

x300 Fortune's Favor Coin

9849 NCoin (save 33%)


Fortune's Favor Coin (x500)

x500 Fortune's Favor Coin

x20 Fusion Stone

x20 Ethereal Vial

15600 NCoin (save 35%)


Fortune's Favor Reset

x1 Fortune's Favor Reset

99 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

Hongmoon Coin purchase limited to 2 per day

Make sure to check the Hongmoon Store regularly to pick your free Fortune’s Favor Coins! (we suggest setting up an alarm 😉)

Five Boards to Complete!

Each of the five boards available in Fortune’s Favor has its own set of rewards, and they each require a different amount of Fortune’s Favor Coins to unlock them:

Fortune Board

Cost of a play (Fortune’s Favor Coins)











When you make a play on a given board, one of the rewards will be randomly selected and then added to your inventory. Some items can be rewarded multiple times, and a few have a gold border indicating they’re rare and valuable! Once they’ve been claimed the maximum amount of times, items become locked for that board.

Fabulous Rewards

Fortune’s Favor has always been one of the Blade & Soul community’s favorite events. You gave us feedback about it, so we listened! We added, for example, Upsurge Essences and various psyches and also increased the quantity of a few items.

This season of Fortune’s Favor brings the usual new cosmetic items and premium pet, but we’ve added something entirely new to Blade & Soul: a Nameplate and a Speech Box! These new cosmetic items will allow you to look stylish and unique. The Nameplate will enhance how your name is displayed, and the Speech Box will make your chat comments pop out. Let us know if you like them!

Here are a few of the items you’ll be able to collect in the Fall Fortune’s Favor:

Fortune Board

Sample of Rewards


Moonstone, Soulstone, Elysian, and Sacred Crystals

1,000 Gold

Nemesis cosmetic items

Mainframe Nameplate

Mainframe Speech box



Pet Packs

Fusion Stones

Luminous Ascension Stone Chests, Luminous Radiance Stone Chests, and Prized Radiance Stone Chests

Dragon Boat Pet


Bound and Sterling Crystals

Premium Transformation Stone, and Transformation Stone

Hongmoon Gem Powder

Gilded Pentagonal Pet Gem Selection Chests

Hongmoon Gilded Heptagonal Gem Selection Chest


Pet Pods

Sacred Vials

Radiant Starcross Stones, and Shadowed Starcross Stones

Starcross Essence

Upsurge Essence


Shimmering Scale Fragments

Enchantment Stones

Radiant Hongmoon Quick XP Charm


There are only a few more days until Autumn Overture releases on September 14, and Fortune’s Favor starts. Note that the event will end on September 28. May the favor be on your side!