Something completely different is on its way…

Up until now, players have relied solely on windwalking for fast travel, but with the October Update, all of that is about to change. Long awaited, we’re introducing mounts to Blade and Soul! Two horses will be available and can be unlocked via Treasure Trove for players Level 60 and up. Future mounts may be available through the Hongmoon Store. As your collection grows, you’ll be able to store and show them off in the Showroom.

How it Works

Mount Details


Increased Sprint and Water Dash Speed

Level Restriction

Level 60



We’ve added a shortcut (Shift + G) to make it easy to summon your mount to you at a moment’s notice. Characters will be automatically on their mounts upon summoning, and while on their steeds, basic social actions cannot be performed. Entering combat, utilizing a skill, or entering an area where mounts are not permitted will automatically force your character to dismount.

Mounts have infinite windwalking—so you’ll be able to go full speed while mounted all the time! These horses are currently unable to Air Dash or Wall Dash at this time, but future mounts may have access to more Windwalking abilities.

While there are exceptions to every rule, mounts are not permitted in dungeons, instances, or certain interior zones.