Does the music call to you?

Earlier this year we brought you the Class Change voucher! This created a unique opportunity to change the combat style, abilities and even physical characteristics of an existing character. If you’ve been looking to try the Musician without having to start from scratch, or even have been wanting to try another class or character race, the opportunity will be yours to seize starting October 12th!

As before, Class Change vouchers will be available for a limited time!

Check below for more details on the bundle and a recap of the benefits and rules of this particular feature:

Bundle Details

Sale Duration: October 12 – November 9th

The following bundle will be available at a 30% discounted rate of NCoin 5,600.

Bundle Name



Class Change Launch Bundle

x1 Class Change Voucher

x2 Weapon Exchange Voucher

x1 Character Alteration Voucher

x3 Pet Pack

x2 Sacred Vial

x10 Fusion Stone Bundle

x3 Searing Grandmaster’s Etching Stone Bundle

1 per account


This bundle will be available from October 12 – November 9. You will then have until November 16 to use them.

Class Change Vouchers cannot be used after November 16.

Details of the Class Change System


Before you purchase a Class Change Bundle, there are a few constraints that your character must satisfy for the Class Change to be possible. The requirements are the following:

  • The character level is 60.
  • The character completed the "Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan" quest.
  • You collected any unclaimed ranking rewards on this character.
  • Summoner characters must unequip their Familiar’s outfit.

If your character satisfies those requirements, be aware that you can only switch to a class that the Race/Gender you select allows. For example, a Gon character cannot switch to Blade Dancer, a Musician class cannot be male.


After purchasing any Class Change Bundle from the Hongmoon Store, head to the Ajanara Monastery (in the Solak zone) and talk to Transformation Master Jongsung. He will lead you to the Hongmoon Transformation Room. Once inside this room, read the opening screen carefully. It explains the basic constraints of the Class Change System.

Next, you will be presented with the options to select your character's new class and, if you want to, their new race. Your final step will be to confirm this change, and you will be asked to confirm your choices twice.

If you cancel the process, you can start it again by talking to Class Change Guide Jonghee in the Hongmoon Transformation Room. If you want to exit the Hongmoon Transformation Room without finalizing the Class Change process, click the Leave Transformation Room button near the bottom right corner of your screen.

The Class Change System will then offer you the option to change your weapons and equipment to appropriate ones for your new class. The Weapon Exchange Voucher included in your Class Change Bundle will be used for this exchange. There are a few constraints on this part of the Class Change System:

  • Weapon Exchange is only available for Weapons of grade Thornbreaker and above.
  • You cannot exchange sealed weapons.
  • You will need x1 Weapon Exchange Voucher to exchange x1 Weapon.
  • All upgrades on the weapon will remain as is.
  • Illusions must be removed from all weapons that are to be exchanged.

Other pieces of equipment than the weapons will be free to exchange.

  • Please note that only equipment appropriate for your original class can be exchanged.
  • Accessories and Unity Stones must be Legendary grade or above to exchange.
  • Soul Shields must be Thornbreaker grade or above to exchange.

Finally, you will be asked to confirm the change in a final step. We want to make sure that you have multiple opportunities to think that this change is permanent. You will have time to make sure that you're making the right choices for your character.

Final Word

We’re excited for your character to get a fresh look and style! This is a unique opportunity for them and for you to refresh your Blade & Soul experience.

Please in mind that you need to use a Class Change Bundle before November 16. After that date, the NPC Jongsung will not be available to use it.

We’d love to see your changes, so be sure to take before/after pictures of your characters. Share your looks and tag the @BladeAndSoul Twitter account and add the #BladeAndSoul hashtag so that we can share with the community!