It’s an exciting time in Blade & Soul as we’re introducing a fifteenth class in the game on October 12 when Symphony of Destruction releases! The Musician adds new support capabilities while providing plenty of solo power, but most importantly, it does all of this in great musical style. Let’s take a look at the details of the motifs.


The Musician is a ranged fighter who uses a Harp to transform music into powerful effects. It uses notes as projectiles, melodies as shields, and harmonies to boost allies. This class is released with two specializations that provide very different focuses: choose if you want efficient solo play or team support. The latter brings new gameplay options to all parties for the first time in Blade & Soul. This class is only available to female characters of the Jin, Yun, and Lyn race. Lastly, Musician characters can compose musical melodies!

Way of the Divine

The first specialization of the Musician provides the usual range of fight abilities, with a focus on dealing damage and complex rotations.

Strum (LMB) is the Musician’s primary attack vector that when played together with other skills makes a martial melody of increased damage. Muse (Tab) increases the intensity of Strum and activates the Soul Strings meter, enabling other skills. It also gives you access to higher damage skills such as Sonata (4). Combine this with Uplift (Z) to increase damage even further!

Sonic Shield (1) will create protection while allowing you to use Resurgence (F) to heal your character. Fanfare (V) provides extra shielding and unlocks more protective abilities to ensure survivability.

Look out for skill cooldown timers and skill switches, as the Musician relies heavily on timing during your skill rotations. The musician transforms BPMs into DPS! Talents will allow you to tune your character’s damage or healing power by either increasing numbers or reducing cooldowns.



Tough Pluck

Increases Pluck (4) damage.

Moving Rendition

Adds a second target to Pluck (4) with AoE damage.

Pluck (4) pierces Parry when it hits the first target.

Increases the range of Riff (F) and Crescendo (Q).

Divine Inspiration

Unlocks the Inspire (Tab) skill.

Way of Harmony

The Musician’s forte is its second specialization, the Way of the Harmony. The Concerto (Tab) skill switches the character to a Concerto Stance where you can see and hear them compose melodies on their Harp. In this stance, Musicians perform an Anthem (Z) that creates a boost zone around them, where allies get the Incitement effect for higher Attack Power, Critical Damage, and Mystic. The Musician character can change the tune of this melody to provide various party bonuses using the skills Vernal Prelude (X), Autumnal Prelude (C), or Winter Prelude (V) before performing Anthem (Z).

Other skills from the Way of Harmony also provide some support to party members. In this second specialization, the Musician manages a Sound Barrier meter to enable a range of greater damage or healing skills. Talents can be used to tweak the skill effects to increase the speed or intensity or specialize the Musician into a healer or party damage booster!



Strike a Chord

Increases Melody Barrier duration and recovery time.

Increases Harmonizer (C) damage, range, cooldown, and Melody Barrier recovery.

iDouble Dissonance

Enables Dissonance (2) to be used for one additional attack immediately after it hits. Using it consecutively in this way increases the cooldown.

Lake Maker

Enhances Anthem (Z).

 Altars the effects of the Incitement effect so that theyscale in proportion to the party member’s stats.


One last thing sets the Musician apart from all classes in Blade & Soul. It can compose music in the game! If you use the Sonic Shield (1) and then hit the Tab key, you enter the Performance stance, where your skills are changed into notes. You can lower or increase the scale by using (LMB) or (RMB), giving you access to 24 musical notes in total.

We can’t wait to see players perform party support or concerts in the game! Join us on October 12 for the release of Symphony of Destruction, but if you want a sneak peek, you can watch the livestream where we previewed the new class.