Your journey in the Earthen Realm can sometimes lead your character to the same places. This will change with the Dark Awakening update on December 7 when your character can auto-hunt in the Darkweald. Let’s take a look at how it will work.

“I'm talking a new area, one filled with automatons, shadows, and fissures in time. Is it Dark Chi? Is it Chaos? Is it... a fourth realm? I don't know.” – General Jaesok of the Stratus Empire

Entrance to the Darkweald

Nobody is sure how the Darkweald came to be, but we need your help to discover its dangers and reveal its mysteries.

Characters above Level 60 HM 13 can access this zone via the following quests:

Quest Name





The Darkweald




Defying the Dark



10g 58s 40c

x20 Darkweald Ore

Further trips to this somber area can be done via the F8 menu, which will teleport you to the lobby area. Make sure to check the noticeboard! The zone offers two floors, with the first one recommended for level 60 characters above HM 20 while the second one is appropriate for HM 28.

Once inside a floor, you can enable auto-combat by hitting the [Shift+F4] controls. Your character will attack the closest Naryu Automaton and continue to the next one when done. You can manually activate skills, move, or use your inventory while your character conducts its “research.” Each floor leads to the other one via portals scattered across the area.

Your exploration will last an hour each day for each character, after which you’ll be returned to where you came from before accessing the zone. You can extend the duration of this adventure up to 12 hours by using [Darkweald] Hourglasses. Each hourglass adds one hour to the daily countdown. They can be obtained from Daily Login Rewards and the Battle Pass – Season 6.

Rewarding Endeavors

The Darkweald is a dangerous zone, so it comes with sizeable rewards! First, your character is getting a lot more experience than usual when killing the Naryu Automatons. Plus, they drop loot! Experience and loot scale up if you’re on the second floor.

Each enemy drops different items among the following:

Darkweald Ore

Darkweald Hongmoon Quick XP Charm

Brilliant Darkweald Hongmoon Quick XP Charm

Searing Darkweald Hongmoon Quick XP Charm

And all that Darkweald Ore accumulating via the play sessions can be exchanged for various items at Trader Gang Sanghae in Mushin's Tower, including the Immaculate costume and the new Darkweald Dragon Soup consumable that offers a 250% XP Bonus for an hour (even after your character dies!):


Cost (Darkweald Ore)

Second Cost


Bound Sterling Crystal



3 per week per character

Stigma Crystal Fragment



3 per week per character

Darkweald Dragon Soup


x1 Renowned Dragon Soup

7 per week per character




Immaculate Feather



Immaculate Adornment



Darkweald Pet Gem Selection Chest



1 per week per account

100-Soulstone Crystal Bundle



100-Moonstone Crystal Bundle



100-Sacred Crystal Bundle



100-Elysian Crystal Bundle



Shimmering Scale



The Darkweald Pet Gem Selection Chest allows you to select and obtain one of the following new Pet Gem Chests:

Dynamic Darkweald Pet Gem Chest

Daring Darkweald Pet Gem Chest

Deft Darkweald Pet Gem Chest

We can’t wait for you to see your character solve the mystery of the Darkweald in Dark Awakening, releasing on December 7!