The 2nd anniversary event isn’t just about a party, there are also great changes coming to Blade & Soul!

The 2nd anniversary event isn’t just about a party, there are also great item and systems changes coming to Blade & Soul! In addition to the changes below, you’ll be able to purchase Obsidian Gems for Solar Energy in the Dragon Express, we’ve increased the drop rate of Transcendence Engines in Irontech Forge, and overall are reducing Baleful/Seraph weapon upgrade costs by reducing the amount of Transformation Stones needed (for Stage 6-7) and removing the need for Premium Transformation Stones but offsetting by increasing the amount of standard Transformation Stones needed (for Stage 8-12).

As always you’ll want to check out the full patch notes when the update is released.

Daily Challenge Quest Choices

You can now choose from 9 quests to complete for the Daily Challenge. You can complete any 3 to earn the Daily Challenge Reward.

3v3 Tag Match Rating Changes

In this update we’re changing the 3v3 Tag Match team ratings to better account for differences in the individual player ratings, and end matches with a more representative win/loss change. We’ll be continuing to monitor ratings changes and appreciate your feedback on how we could do more to create competition that is fair and balanced.

Draken Legendary Accessory Upgrades

Draken Legendary accessory tokens (Lord of the Flame’s Horns, Zakhan’s Claw, Acrimor’s Wing, and Hand of Xanos) are being removed, and can be exchanged via the Antiques UI to a new item: Draken Core. You can then use 200 Draken Cores to purchase a Stage 1 Oath Necklace, Destiny Ring, Eternity Belt, Divine Dragon Bracelet Chest, or Tiger Bracelet Chest from the Dragon Express. Places you normally would have received the Draken Legendary accessory tokens will be replaced with Draken Core.

In addition, Stage 10 Legendary Accessories can now be salvaged to receive a Red Dragon Crux or Blue Dragon Crux. A Dragon Crux can be used to upgrade the seed item for the next generation of Legendary Accessory to Stage 1, greatly reducing the overall cost. This change allows you to recuperate some of the resources you’ve put into a Legendary Accessory, and applying it toward the next generation.

Legendary Jewel/Element Alternate Cost

In addition to the existing 20 Gold option, you’ll be able to purchase a Legendary Jewel or Legendary Element from the Dragon Express for 10 Gold, 30 Soulstone Crystals, and 15 Sacred Crystals.

Crafting System Update

This update will also reduce crafting costs across multiple Guilds—such as reduced costs for Brilliant Keys, Void Fragments and Ascendance Stones, and Silver Cauldron’s tradable potion chests—as well as providing Guild Supplies when crafting Normal recipes, and a random amount of Lucky Guild Boxes when crafting Trade or Masterwork recipes. New recipes are also being added; including new Earthseer charms, Forgekeeper Phantom Weapon Chests, Acquired Taste Meat Dumplings, and more.


Stay tuned for the full patch notes for all the specific changes.