Bend the cosmos to your will with this new playable class!

The Astromancer is a long-range DPS class unique to the Lyn race. The Lyn have always been in tune with the natural world and are uniquely able to call upon it. An Astromancer is highly destructive and can supply well-timed, strategic support to nearby friends.


The Astromancer is an incredibly mobile class that focuses on long range damage in high bursts, and consistent damage per second. The class uses various buffs to ensure maximum damage, including a +20% Mystic damage buff (Polarity) for the Astromancer's party members. The Astromancer also utilizes unique skill combinations that inflict debuffs and crowd control effects on the target, making this an ideal class for Joint Attacks in PvE and strategic dueling in PvP.


Way of the Starcaster

The Starcaster Specialization has the unique ability to summon galactic rifts and celestial shapes that amplify other skills and increase your damage output. It is important to be mindful of your combo rotations to keep stacks of Starlight and Photon. Starlight enables certain abilities to be used while Photon enhances LMB and RMB skills.




Absorb 10% of damage as HP

Obtain 1 Starlight on Hit

Decreases cooldown of Constellate by 6 sec. on Hit

Pierces Defense and Parry skill

Way of the Stormweaver

The Stormweaver Specialization offers multiple abilities to help evade or control enemies. One key aspect of this specialization is to maintain Portent for as long, and as often as possible, as many abilities play off the Portent effect, such as keeping your enemy stunned with Twister, which can be used twice during Portent. Like Starcaster, generating stacks of Nimbus will be crucial in enhancing Electrify (2) and Twister (Z)


Orbital Strike


Absorb 2% damage as HP

Consumes all Nimbus on Hit

1 Additional Hit when Nimbus is consumed


Choose the specialization that suits your style or take on a specialization to learn a fresh style of playing. Be ready to create your Astromancer when Cosmic Horizon goes live on September 23.