Unlock new rewards in this limited-time event dungeon from April 11–May 2.

Hongsil and her brother, Chungsil, worked as assistants to the Three Sages at Mushin’s Tower. During the day she helped hopeful warriors work the Wheel of Fate, but at night she toiled away on her own secret projects. Intending to become the Earthen Realm’s next great engineer, she hoped to one day rival even the ancient Naryu with her own unique take on automatons—adding her own visual flair to them in the process. Unfortunately, her genius caught up with her, and her greatest creation to date wasn’t entirely willing to submit to its master’s commands.

Now you, a great warrior with a history of dealing with mechanical miscreants, have been summoned to Hongsil’s Workshop to assist.

Level 50 characters can log in each day from April 11 until May 2 to help Hongsil take down her malfunctioning war machine, and collect some amazing new rewards in the process, including the 2017 Costume Design Contest winner Phantom Flower!

Phantom Flower

Stay tuned for more details on Hongsil’s Workshop, the Inventor’s Jackpot event also arriving with this update, and additional ways for all players to get the gorgeous Phantom Flower costume. The Automaton Assault Event Dungeon update releases on April 11!