The spooky spectacle returns from October 18–November 8.

After an intense fight with a powerful foe, you notice a shadowy figure approaching from the far corner of the large room. Still exhausted from battle and kneeling on the damp stone floor, you begin to draw your weapon as the figure begins to come within striking distance. As they slowly walk towards you, your senses heighten as you rise to attack . . . but as they come into focus, you gasp!

Blade & Ghoul 2017 featuring the Merchant of Wonders

Merchant of Wonders
The elusive Merchant of Wonders has returned! Shin Baeyun has taken over Shin Bahye’s place for the spooky season, and you’ll have a chance to meet her after completing certain dungeons. If you’re lucky enough to meet this mysterious merchant, she’ll offer each member of your party the ability to purchase one of her randomly selected items—including a chance at ghoulish cosmetics! If you’re interested in bartering with her as much as possible, we hear that she visits the newer dungeons and daily lockout dungeons more frequently…

Spawn Locations

Notable Items

Sogun's Lament

Sacred Oil

Hongmoon Hexagonal Gem

Divine Grace Stone

The Shattered Masts


Raven King’s Soul

Xanos Disc

Cold Storage

Special Hongmoon XP Charm

Monster Ball Set

Monster Ball Cat Set

Ebondrake Citadel

Bloodmoon Masquerade Set

Bloodmoon Masquerade Cat Set


Desolate Tomb

Bewitched Hat

Jack O’ Lantern Mask

Witch O’ Lantern Mask

Naryu Sanctum

Great Pumpkin Weapon

Scarlet Widow Mask

Cobalt Widow Blindfold

Naryu Foundry

Cobalt Widow Wig

Noble of the Sea

Pirate King

Irontech Forge

Blackram General Uniform

Poharan’s Eyepatch

Gangplank Style Hair

Ebondrake Lair

Thunder God

Thunder Aura

Thunder Horns


Wind God

Wind Aura

Wind Horns


Ghost in the Shell

Thruster 27

Sealed Palace Raiment


Pale Wanderer

Dark Wanderer

Snowfield Fur Headgear


Bloody Order

Obsidian Serpent

Old Stratus Empire Uniform


Burning Flames

Infernal Lord’s Eyebrow

Infernal Lord’s Mask


Daily Challenge
Complete the Daily Challenge to earn additional rewards via the Ghoulish Gift Box while the eerie event is taking place on the Earthen Realm.

 Ghoulish Gift Box 


3 Skull Candy

3 Snack O’ Lantern

3 Flaming Jawbreaker

1 – 2 Fortune Potion

Spectral Firework


Transcendence Engine

Sacred Oil

Aransu Orb

Hive Queen’s Wings

Raven Feather

Lunar Twilight Flower

Void Fragment

Rare Element

Hongmoon Special Firewater


Candy Consumables
Available in the Ghoulish Gift Box and from the Merchant of Wonders’ wares are three creepy candy consumables that provide a powerful effect for 10 minutes within Skybreak Spire, Temple of Eluvium, and Scion’s Keep. Upon consuming a Skull Candy, Snack O’ Lantern, or Flaming Jawbreaker, you won’t be able to eat another until a 5 minute cooldown has passed, so be sure to devour these delicacies only when you’ve entered the raid, since the effect will be removed upon death, zoning, or logout. It is also possible to overwrite a candy’s effect with another candy after the cooldown has passed, or refresh the duration of the same type before a difficult challenge.



 Skull Candy

Boss Attack Power +50

Critical Damage +10%

 Snack O’ Lantern

Boss Defense +500

Threat +50%

 Flaming Jawbreaker

Damage Reduction +15%


Weekly Raid Quests
As an added bonus, completing the Raven’s Cry and Chasing Zulia weekly raid quests will earn you increased rewards—including another chance at the cosmetics from their raids!