Join in the fun and festivities—the Blade & Soul: 3rd Anniversary Festival is NOW LIVE!

The Blade & Soul: 3rd Anniversary Festival is a time for celebration and brings with it some exciting events with flashy rewards, including the NCSOFT West-designed Anniversary Costume Set and more!

Community Manager Bethany “Liinxy” Stout and Producer Jonathan “Babbletr0n” Lien recently showed off the Blade & Soul: 3rd Anniversary Festival update on the Blade & Soul Twitch channel. Watch as they take you through a tour of what’s new!

3rd Anniversary Festival

Beginning on January 16 and running for three weeks, Jadestone Village will be decked out in honor of Blade & Soul’s 3rd Anniversary. There, you can take on Zulia’s Challenge each day to defeat bosses and collect 3rd Anniversary Coins. Afterwards, visit Poharan to exchange the 3rd Anniversary Coins for celebratory cosmetic rewards including the NCSOFT West-designed Anniversary Costume Set, Cutting Edge!

Cutting Edge Set

Cutting Edge Cat Set

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Midnight Skypetal Plains Event

Midnight Skypetal Plains and the monsters that lay within have been permanently buffed and challenge both new and experienced players alike to return and face the Sacred Longgui. Furthermore, during the 3rd Anniversary Festival from January 16 through February 6, enjoy twice the rewards for defeating each stage of Sacred Longgui and also earn Golden Seed tokens that can be exchanged for Sacred Longgui Key, Sacred Vial, Pet Pack, Hongmoon Heptagonal Gems, and more!

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New Party Box and Celebration Crate

Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary in style with new cosmetics and powerful upgrade materials from the Party Box and Celebration Crate—available until February 6.

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New 365 Premium Membership Costume

Every year, around the Blade & Soul Anniversary, we will be updating the 365 Day Premium Membership costume with a new offering. As such, the Righteous Blade Costume and Hongmoon Swan Feather Bonus Item will be replaced with the Fable Costume Set (including Cat Costume Set) after the January 16 maintenance.

Fable Costume Set

Fable Familiar Costume Set

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Everyone here on the Blade & Soul team would like to give a huge “thank you” to our community for your support and passion for the game. We hope you feel as proud as we do as we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary, and we look forward to this year being the best yet! Jump into the game to celebrate Blade & Soul’s birthday now!

If you run into any issues with this update, be sure to check the Known Issues thread on the forums for things we’re already working on. If that doesn’t help, please contact our support department for further assistance.

Blade & Soul 4.10 Patch Notes


  • Midnight Skypetal Plains
    • All monsters in Midnight Skypetal Plains have had their stats adjusted for the current level cap and equipment.
    • Rewards from Midnight Skypetal Plains have been greatly expanded and now include Evolved Stones, additional Draken Accessories, Hexagonal Garnet, Mystic Badges, and Soul Badges as well as Raven, Fallen, Grand Celestial, Ivory Beluga, and Nova Core Soul Shields.
    • Verdant Nightstone, Lavender Nightstone, and Tawny Nightstone are new currencies that can be exchanged for Soul Shields at the Exchanger NPCs.
    • Lunar Twilight Plant and Lunar Twilight Flower are no longer used and can be exchanged via the Antiques UI for 1 Verdant Nightstone and 20 Verdant Nightstone, respectively.
  • Void Fragment, Blood Pearl, Sea Glass, Aransu Orb, Skyshadow Orb, and Warforge Fragment are no longer available and can be exchanged via the Antiques UI.
    • Antiqued Item

      Exchange For

      Sea Glass

      3 Silver Scale Fragment

      Blood Pearl

      6 Silver Scale Fragment

      Void Fragment

      3 Blackstone Fragment

      Aransu Orb

      6 Blackstone Fragment

      Warforge Fragment

      3 Onyx Scale Fragment

      Skyshadow Orb

      6 Onyx Scale Fragment

    • All equipment upgrades, transmutation recipes, crafting recipes, and vendor costs that use these items have been updated.
    • All quests and NPCs that rewarded these items will be updated and all chests that contained these items will no longer be available.
  • Iron Conqueror Treasure from Scion's Keep now always drops 2-3 Hive Queen's Heart and now has a small chance to drop Hive Queen's Rancor/Barb/Husk.
  • Hive Queen in Temple of Eluvium now always drops 3-4 Hive Queen's Heart as well as 1-2 Sealed Hive Queen's Heart.
  • Illumination Psyche and Grand Illumination Psyche can now be created via transmutation until February 6 and are used to upgrade legendary Souls to provide additional stats.
    • Illumination Psyche costs 2 Sacred Oil and 100 Gold to transmute and requires 1 Moonstone, 1 Elysian Orb, and 15 Gold to apply to a Soul.
    • Grand Illumination Psyche costs 4 Illumination Psyche and 200 Gold to transmute and requires 2 Moonstone, 2 Elysian Orb, and 30 Gold to apply to a Soul.
    • Multiple Illumination Psyches or Grand Illumination Psyches can be applied until the maximum stats are reached. However, applying Illumination Psyche will overwrite the additional stats granted by Grand Illumination Psyche, as well as vice versa.
    • The additional stats granted by Illumination Psyche or Grand Illumination Psyche are retained when upgrading but are lost when sealing.
  • Special Square Obsidians, Gilded Obsidians, and Gilded Triangular Garnets are now Bound to Account.
  • Hongmoon Focus Recovery Charm can now be used in all locations except Tower of Infinity, Duel Arena, and Trial Arena.
  • Up to 2 Dragonblood and 1 Golden Dragonblood are now available in the following solo dungeons:
    • Mushin's Tower F16-20
    • Outlaw Island
    • Circle of Sundering
    • Den of the Ancients
  • Alpha Guard (60 Day) has been renamed to Alpha Guardian.