Blade & Soul announces their esport initiative for the West.

Blade & Soul is excited to announce that North America and Europe will be participating in the Blade & Soul World Championship for the first time in 2017!

Regional Championships

The Championship Series for North America and for Europe will start very soon, and teams of 3 will join together to earn Fighting Points over the Championship period. Fighting Points are earned by the teams through in-game rankings (both 1v1 and 3v3), open events, and online tournaments. The teams with the most Fighting Points will be invited to compete in the Regional Championships, with the top teams moving on to represent their region in the World Championships.

More details on Fighting Points and how you can earn them will arrive shortly, when we’ll also open up team registration. You must be in a registered team in order to participate!


In order to compete in the Championship series for Blade & Soul, you need to register in a team and be a resident of the region your team registers in. Make sure you have at least one level 50 character on your account at the time registration opens. Also, you can only register to play in one team!

We’ll have more information on how to register, as well as the full rules of the Championship series soon.

If you have any questions, come ask them in our forum thread, or watch our special Secrets of the Stratus livestream on April 13.

Start building your team, brush up on your PvP-fu, and practice your tag technique as the West heads to the World Championships for Blade & Soul!