Sharpen those pencils and boot up the tablets, we’re excited to announce the Blade & Soul Costume Contest! Starting today until July 9th 2015, we’ll be accepting original concept designs for a Blade & Soul costume.


One lucky winner each from North America and Europe will have the chance to get their designs made into an in-game costume with a special tooltip named in their favor. For example “…created by the Launch Costume Contest Winner USERNAME”. Winners will also receive an exclusive wearable item, a poster, and $50 worth of NCoin to spend when the game launches.

4 finalists from each region will receive $20 worth of NCoin and a poster featuring the artwork of Blade & Soul.


The design submission must contain front & back view of the costume, and the costume must be shown on either:

  • Male & Female models of the same race (for example, Male Jin and Female Jin). The Yun can’t be used as a qualifying race for this option.
  • Gender-specific models across all races (either Male Gon, Jin, and Lyn; or Female Gon, Jin, Lyn & Yun)
  • All races & genders

Preference in judging will be given to costumes that share the same design concept but differ in appearance between genders and/or races (i.e. each gender/race costumes aren’t identical). You can design optional Head & Face accessories to accompany your costume, but they may not be present or differ in appearance in the final in-game design. Any design notes and inspirations are optional, but we love to see the thought process behind the design.

Your artwork can be handdrawn or digital. We’ve even provided a nifty template for you to use if your art skills aren’t the greatest – that’s OK, since we’re judging on design ideas and not art quality. However, it must be your own original work; any designs that violate copyright or someone else’s intellectual property will be disqualified.


The Blade & Soul team, with help from the development team in Korea, will select 5 finalists from each territory. The Community will be able to vote their favorite from these finalists from July 17th until July 24th with winners announced on July 27th.

Submission Procedure

  •  All entries are to be submitted to by 11:59PM PDT July 9th and should include the following:
    • Real name
    • Chosen display name
    • Chosen region (NA or EU)
    • NC Account Email (or email that will be used to create a Blade & Soul account)
    • Maximum 2 images for the design entry.
    • A small text (fewer than 150 words) description
  • Limit 2 entries per person total
  •  1 email submission per entry
    • Maximum 1 design per person for finals
  •  File formats must be in either .jpg, .png, or .pdf format.
    • Please keep file sizes reasonable

Any entries that do not contain the required information will be disqualified.

All entries will be subject to NCSOFT & Team Bloodlust modifications where necessary. Final outcome of the designs may vary.

Please see here for the full terms and conditions of the contest.