Discover a new Heroic dungeon and the return of Blade & Soulmate

On February 6, experience Blade & Soul: Prince of Darkness—a new update filled with intrigue, that includes a new 6-player Heroic Dungeon, Brood Chamber. And making its annual return to spread love throughout the Earthen Realm, the Blade & Soulmate event will bring fresh items including a brand-new costume!

Brood Chamber

  • 6-player Heroic Dungeon
  • Available in Normal and Hard Mode
  • Recommended for Level 55 – HM 17
  • Players will need to have finished Act 9, Chapter 18: What Remains

Following the cataclysmic events at the Lightborn Altar, the mysterious Prince Subin, the villainous Dowager Tayhu, and deceitful Ryu have all disappeared. The new Stratus Imperator, General Ang Hondu, is in pursuit of any information related to their whereabouts. After weeks of fruitless searching, Scout Piroko has uncovered intelligence as to the location of the missing prince.

Assist the Stratus Empire in finding Prince Subin, expose what nefarious acts may be taking place inside the Brood Chamber, and claim the powerful treasures within, such as the new legendary Imperial Gloves, Discordia Necklace, Bloodlust Costume set, and other upgrade materials.  

Blade & Soulmate 2019

February 6 – March 13

Love is in the air as Blade & Soulmate returns along with Hongsil’s Workshop and the Realmrift Supply Chain. Complete the event dungeons along with weekly, raid, and dynamic quests to earn Lovestruck Coins. Exchange them in the Dragon Express for rewards including: returning cosmetics, Heart Nebula Stones, and a brand-new costume that will set hearts aflutter.

Stay tuned for more details in upcoming overview articles and log in on February 6 to experience a new Heroic Dungeon and the Blade & Soulmate event when Blade & Soul: Prince of Darkness goes live!