Following the cataclysmic events at the Lightborn Altar, Prince Subin, Dowager Tayhu, and Ryu are on the run. Join the hunt in Blade & Soul: Prince of Darkness—NOW LIVE!

The Blade & Soul: Prince of Darkness update is NOW LIVE! Hop in game to challenge yourself with an intriguing new 6-player Heroic Dungeon, Brood Chamber. Also, the Blade & Soulmate event is making its annual return to spread love throughout the Earthen Realm with fresh items, including a brand-new costume!

Community Manager Bethany “Liinxy” Stout and Producer Jonathan “Babbletr0n” Lien recently showed the Blade & Soul: Prince of Darkness update on the Blade & Soul Twitch channel. Watch as they take you through a tour of what’s new!

Brood Chamber

Following the cataclysmic events at the Lightborn Altar, the mysterious Prince Subin, villainous Dowager Tayhu, and deceitful Ryu have all disappeared. The new Stratus Imperator, Ang Hondu, is in pursuit of any information related to their whereabouts. After weeks of fruitless searching, Scout Piroko has uncovered intelligence as to the location of the missing prince.

Assist the Stratus Empire in finding Prince Subin and uncover what nefarious acts may be taking place inside the Brood Chamber to earn some thrilling rewards!

Notable Rewards


Bloodlust Headpiece

Bloodlust Mantle

Imperial Gloves

Discordia Necklace

Vetarex’s Psyche

Master Material Chest

Artisan Material Chest

Imperial Core

Pet Pack

Sacred Vial

Onyx Scale

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Blade & Soulmate

Love is in the air when Blade & Soulmate returns along with Hongsil’s Workshop and the Realmrift Supply Chain. Complete event dungeons and weekly raid content to earn Lovestruck Coins and exchange them in the Dragon Express for exciting rewards!

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Legendary Array Outfit Chest

February 6 – 27

Time to celebrate Blade & Soulmate with these fabulous new store items! You’ll find brand new outfits (and some returning classics) in the new Legendary Array Outfit Chest, including the mystical Ninja Tortoise premium outfit set, a new gem bundle, and updated raid bundles!

If you run into any issues with this update, be sure to check the Known Issues thread on the forums for things we’re already working on. If that doesn’t help, please contact our support department for further assistance.

Blade & Soul 4.11 Patch Notes

Content & Events

  • Brood Chamber, a 6-player Heroic Dungeon, is now available in Normal and Hard Mode.
    • Discordia Necklace is now available which can be used to upgrade Imperial Necklace to Kingmaker Necklace.
    • Imperial Gloves are now available which can be upgraded with M'ao Gloves to Skyreach Gloves.
  • The Blade & Soulmate event has returned will be available from February 6 through March 13.
    • Realmrift Supply Chain is now available from February 6 through March 13 with updated NPCs and rewards.
      • Complete the "A Rift in the Supply Chain" daily quest to earn Realmrift Raven Chest, Realmrift Queen Chest, or Realmrift Celestial Chest which contain valuable items and Lovestruck Coin.
      • Each boss in Realmrift Supply Chain will drop Realmrift Supply Chain Soul Shield Chests containing Raven, Fallen, or Ivory Beluga Soul Shields.
      • Defeat Poharan and you'll be visited by the Merchant of Wonders who will sell a selection of items, including:
        • Poharan Pet
        • Tae Jangum Pet
        • Hongmoon Octagonal Ruby, Amethyst, Citrine, Sapphire, Peridot
        • Sacred Vial
        • Blackram Supply Chain cosmetics
    • Hongsil's Workshop is now available from February 6 through March 13.
      • Defeat Princess Bloodlust to earn rewards including Lovestruck Coin.
    • Complete weekly Raid dynamic quests to receive additional Lovestruck Coin:


Quest Name


Dawn of Khanda Vihar

The Memory of Meganura

Lovestruck Coin x2

Fallen Aransu School

Aransu Has Fallen

Lovestruck Coin x3

Snowjade Fortress

The Eternal Champion

Lovestruck Coin x3

Hall of the Keeper

Fall of the Machines

Lovestruck Coin x1

Hall of the Templar

Templar Tussle

Lovestruck Coin x1

  • Redeem Lovestruck Coin in Dragon Express for rewards until April 10, including but not limited to:
    • Heart Nebula Stone
    • Sacred Vial
    • Pet Pack
    • Hongmoon Heptagonal Gem Ticket
    • Celestial
    • Wild One
    • An assortment of returning Blade & Soulmate themed costumes


  • The following items have had their effects improved. Usage restrictions and conditions are unchanged.


Effect (Before)

Effect (After)

Elixir of Madness

Boss Attack Power +50
Critical Damage +10

Boss Attack Power +50 
Critical Damage +20
Elixir of Protection Boss Defense +500
Threat +50%
Boss Defense +1000
Threat +50%
Elixir of Resilience Damage Reduction +15% Damage Reduction +30%
  • Locked Xanos Weapon, Locked Mechanizer Weapon, and Locked Dark Vicar Weapon no longer require a key to open and now provide the appropriate weapon for the character's class.
  • The following items will be deprecated on March 13 and their tooltips have been updated with expiration information:
    • Black Rose Feather
    • Freezing Orb
    • White Orb
    • Demon Spirit Stone
    • Heaven's Mandate Reset
    • Cold Storage Reset