Register Now to Receive the Holiday Bash Gift Pack for FREE When The Update Launches

Get ready to make your curtain call when Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery goes live on December 5, and brings the deadly secrets of the Dreamsong Theater along with it. Wrapped in a shroud of mystery, the Dreamsong Theater is a new Heroic dungeon that will pit players against a playhouse full of evil. What evil lurks in the wings? Only the brave will find out when they take the stage for the performance of their lives.

To prepare for this dungeon and the rest of the content in Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery, you can register now to get a FREE Holiday Bash Gift Pack. Follow this link to complete registration. The code will be added to your account when the update releases on December 5.

The Holiday Bash Gift Pack Contains:

  • Holiday Bash Outfit
  • Holiday Bash Head Adornment
  • 7 Days of Premium Membership
  • Special Hongmoon XP Charm
  • 10 Hongsil’s Secret Storehouse Keys


New Solo Dungeon: Den of the Ancients

The primal spirits call out to you with the promise of inner peace and harmony. Channel your chi and sharpen your weapons because the Den of the Ancients solo dungeon beckons. You will be challenged by three immortal spirit guides who will test the limits of your chakras – strength of body and spirit. Players who have truly achieved inner balance will be victorious and avail themselves of rewards that will unlock their full potential.

Dungeon Challenge

Will you be the best squad in the Earthen Realm? The Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery update adds a seasonal leaderboard to some of the most treacherous and difficult dungeons to see who truly are the mightiest warriors. Those who dare to climb the ladder will have a chance to earn fame, fortune, and exclusive rewards!


All this content and more will go live on December 5. If you were expecting class specialization, you can read our Producer’s Letter to find out what’s going there. Stay tuned for additional preview content for Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery as we approach the December 5 live date, and maybe keep a sharp eye out around Black Friday for some deals on in-game items.