A look into The Drowning Deeps, and the treasures that it holds.

Something lurks in the dark, cold depths—do you have the strength to resist its song when Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep arrives on February 7?

The Drowning Deeps

  • 6-member Heroic Dungeon
  • Available in Normal and Hard Mode
  • Recommended for Level 55 – HM 16
  • Players will need to have finished Act 8, Chapter 20: Restorations

As the people of Yurido Village strived to rebuild their homes and their lives, the nearby Amethyst Shore seemed to offer a wide horizon of hope and opportunity—for fishing, for trade, for travel and exploration away from the vicious Volkami. These dreams were quickly dashed along the rocky shore, and with every fishing vessel or ship that pushed out into the waves. Something strong and powerful lived within the deeps, something… that liked to sing.

Yurido Researcher Ryuka sends you on a quest to find the Mysteries of the Deeps and the source of the mysterious song—a tentacled sea monster called Numok that has laid claim to the Drowning Deeps and waters off the Amethyst Shore. But, before you reach him, you’ll be challenged by scores of Yutay as well as two notably powerful henchmen, all of whom will be trying to thwart your every effort to get into their cavernous lair to stop Numok’s sinister song.

Groups who enter and complete the challenges that lay within will surely emerge with new and extraordinary treasures. Here’s a look at a few:

  • Awakened Numok Earring
  • Awakened Numok Bracelet
  • Numok Weapon
  • Numok Soul Shield
  • Hellion Belt (upgrades to Legendary Skybreaker Belt)
  • Silver Scale Fragment/Silver  Scale (used for breakthroughs on Skybreaker Belt)
  • Blood Pearl (used to upgrade Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon)
  • Sea Glass (used to upgrade Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon)
  • Demon Slayer Costume
Demon Slayer

Dive into the Drowning Deeps and slay the sea monster Numok this February 7, when Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep goes live!