The final two bosses become available in the Nightfall Sanctuary raid on June 20.

The second half of Nightfall Sanctuary opens with Blade & Soul: Celestial Dawn, arriving on June 20. The remaining two bosses will put your skills to the test as you are given one final chance to stop Chol Mugo in his quest for ultimate power.

Nightfall Sanctuary Part 2

  • 12-Player Raid
  • Recommended for Level 55 – HM 16
  • Resets every Wednesday at 6:00am server time
  • Players will need to have finished The Emperor’s Tomb – Chapter 5: Stealing the Light
  • Associated Quests: The Big Sting, Echoes of an Emperor, The Emperor’s Tomb – Chapter 6: Rage and Ruin

The inner doors of Nightfall Sanctuary have opened to reveal the Emperor’s most trusted guardian lurking inside, holding back anyone that dares to approach the throne. Chol Mugo has entered the heart of the Emperor’s Tomb with the Kuranos Cube in hand, hoping to wield the power of the Celestial Emperor. But Chol Mugo’s ascension may not be everything he had hoped for…

To gain access to the final two bosses of Nightfall Sanctuary you’ll need to first defeat The Peacekeeper and The Shield Bearer. But be warned, just because you’ve defeated them does not mean what’s deeper within will fall as easily.

The Scorptamaton

The Scorptamaton was the Celestial Emperor’s most beloved creation. Designed after the fierce scorpions that could be found in the desert, he trusted the Scorptamaton as his personal guardian. Wielding devastating claws, and a piercing tail with unparalleled strength, you’ll have to be quick to not fall victim to this venomous clockwork terror.

Grand Celestial Emperor

A new emperor has claimed the throne! Though you have failed in all your attempts to stop Chol Mugo in his corrupted quest to resurrect this ancient power, you have one final chance at redemption. Your raid will need to work in perfect harmony if you’re to have any chance against the Grand Celestial Emperor. More than a few will fall before him and his relentless pursuit of power.

Defeating the Scorptamaton and the Grand Celestial Emperor is no easy task, and thus the rewards are as grandiose as the temple itself. The rewards include some of the items you saw in the first half of Nightfall Sanctuary, along with new accessories and materials used to enhance your weapon, and a new legendary tier fittingly named Grand Celestial.

  • Lightstealer’s Aura
  • Lighstealer’s Wings
  • Lightstealer’s Armor
  • Grand Celestial Steel
  • Grand Celestial Wings
  • Blood Pearl
  • Stinger Earring
  • Stinger Ring
  • Grand Celestial Soul Shield Chest 5-8
Grand Celestial Weapons

Enter the second half of Nightfall Sanctuary and bring the Chol Mugo saga to an end on June 20 when Blade & Soul: Celestial Dawn delivers your final chance to stop the return of this resurrected tyrant!