Gain additional rewards from the Celestial Basin from May 3–June 14.

The Celestial Festival is here, and you can earn additional rewards for participating in Celestial Basin!

During the event (May 3–June 14) you can obtain special chests from defeating bosses and enemies in Celestial Basin. Of course to open the chests you’ll need some keys, and those can be obtained in limited amounts (per day) from the Daily Challenge, the Hongmoon Store, or (extremely rarely) as a drop from the Celestial Basin bosses themselves.

Why would you want to open these chests? To get what’s inside, of course! By opening these chests you’ll be able to get a few different types of rewards including Lunar Twilight Flower, experience charms, and upgrade materials, but most importantly Heavenly Fruit. In addition to being awarded from the chests, you’ll also be obtaining them from the Dawn of Khanda Vihar Weekly Quest “Meeting Meganura’s Match”.

After collecting a bunch of Heavenly Fruit you’ll want to open the Dragon Express and spend them before the event store closes on July 5! Included in the Dragon Express for this event is a Flawless Brilliant Hongmoon Heptagonal Amethyst (which can be transmuted for a limited time to Sparkling with additional Heavenly Fruit and gold), Xanos Discs, Forging Orbs, Evolution Stones (which can be used to upgrade Pinnacle accessories to Heroic elemental accessories), and of course the pièce de résistance: the Fresh Take costume set.

Fresh Take Set


In addition, for the duration of the event the amount of Celestial Peaches you can receive will be increased during special peak hours. This stacks with other bonuses!


Server Time

Celestial Peach Bonus


17:00 – 19:00


Sat & Sun

14:00 – 18:00




The Celestial Festival lasts until June 14, with Dragon Express and the various reward transmutations being available until July 5. So get out there and pick some peaches!