Learn more about clans--large social groups in Blade & Soul.

Clans are large social groups in Blade & Soul, allowing players to band together to achieve greatness, defend their ideals, and seek out adventure and rewards.

Introduction to Clans

A clan must be aligned to either the Cerulean Order or Crimson Legion; in other words, everyone in the Clan must have joined the same faction. No unaligned martial artists allowed! If you wish to join a clan that belongs to another faction than what you originally chose, you have the option of transferring your faction alignment (assuming the faction you’d like to join is accepting new members). This will cost a small fee and your gained Faction Rank. There are many benefits to being a member of a clan, but we’ll explore them in a later post. For now, let’s talk how clans are structured in Blade & Soul.


Clan Creation & Setup

In order to create a clan, you must submit your proposal to a Faction Clan Supervisor. This proposal will include a clan name that meets their requirements and an application fee. The requirements for the clan name are:

  • Must be between 3 and 20 characters long
  • One space is allowed, but not at the beginning or end
  • May not contain profanity or other banned words

Once you have created your clan, you can call up the Clan Overview window which is assigned to the “H” key by default.

You can set clan member ranks and warehouse (clan item storage) access here—as well as invite others to join. Clan authorities are granted by rank, and a clan leader can assign different authority permissions to the clan member ranks. By default, the permissions are:

Rank Authority Access
Clan Leader
  • Warehouse access
  • Full clan management, including clan invitations, member promotions & banishment
  • Clan rank promotion (leveling up the Clan)
  • Clan disbandment
Clan Unit
  • Warehouse access
  • Full clan management, including clan invitations, member promotions & banishment
Clan Elder
  • Warehouse access
  • Limited clan management, including clan invitations
Clan Member
  • Warehouse access
  • No authority


Clan Application

Only those you send an invitation to can join your clan. Those looking for a clan will be able to search through existing clans via the Dragonspire, and from there, be able to contact a clan member for an invitation.

Invitations are only able to be sent by Clan Elders and above.


Clan Size Limits

Clans are limited to 50 members from the start. Increasing Clan Levels will increase the membership size limit.


Stay tuned for more on clans, including details on Clan Levels and benefits!