The class specialization showcase continues, detailing the updates to the Assassin, Blade Dancer, Kung Fu Master and Warlock classes!

Today we continue showcasing the upcoming class specialization revamp and Talent sytem due to be released with the Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan update on March 13. The last time we showcased the Blade Master, Summoner, and Destroyer; click here to read about those first three classes. Now we continue with the next four classes: Kung Fu Master, Assassin, Blade Dancer, and Warlock!

As a reminder of how the new talent system works: To awaken your class and gain access to the new Talent system, you must be level 55 and complete the Awakening quest, “Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan.” Once awakened, you can choose between two Specializations and five Talents within that Specialization out of the 15 Talents available. You can switch between Specializations and change your Talents at any time you aren’t engaged in combat

Kung Fu Master

The Kung Fu Master is the quinessential martial arts expert. This class can confront enemies using their reflexes to control, counter, and dominate their enemies through a flurry of punches and kicks. Choose which you prefer with their two Specializations, Way of the Dragon Fist and Way of the Flying Kick.

Way of the Dragon Fist – Channel your inner fire through your fists, counter enemy attacks, and smash opponents to the ground. Manage your Fighting Spirit and Searing Palm buffs, staggering them for maximum damage.

 Searing Dragon  Meteor Storm  Dragon Fire

Upgrade Leading Palm to Searing Dragon (X) and unleash the beast within, inflicting a massive amount of damage to your opponent.

Greatly increase the damage of Ground Pound (LMB) and Pummel (2). Also upgrade Meteor Slam (Tab), allowing you to relentlessly smash airborne enemies to the ground unhindered.

Invoke the Dragon from within and upgrade Fighting Spirit to Dragon Fire (Tab), greatly reducing incoming damage and resisting status effects, enabling you to crush your foes with Shadow Fist (2).

Way of the Flying Kick – Become as fierce as a thunderstorm and devastate your opponents. Build up stacks of Wind Shear by using Iron Shoulder, Searing Palm, and Fighting Spirit to unleash a flurry of kicks.

 Azure Spirit  Wind Fury  Dragon Roar

Upgrade Fighting Spirit (Tab), fully recover Focus, resist up to 5 attacks and gain Wind Shear for a short time, greatly enhancing your chance to evade enemy attacks while boosting your Movement Speed.

Change Fighting Spirit to Wind Fury (Tab) and Leg Sweep to Ice Guard (3). Gain Wind Shear to evade your enemies attacks, unleash a wave of ice, freezing your opponent in place.

Upgrade Fighting Spirit to Dragon Roar (Tab) and become the embodiment of the tempest, sending all opponents around you continuously airborne.


Hidden in stealth, the Asssassin takes their time with their prey, inflicting continuous debuffs and damage over time through poison and various small attacks. The class requires finesse and patience. The two new specializations are Way of the Serpent and Way of the Shadow.

Way of the Serpent – Afflict your opponents with deadly venom and watch them suffer. Stack up Murderous Intent with Dark Strike to trigger Deathblow and engage with Heart Stab.

 Virulence  Spreading Poison  Seeping Toxin

Enhances Toxic Veil (Passive), greatly increasing the damage it can potentially deal to an enemy.

Replaces Smoke Screen with Toxic Splash (X) and learns Twin Fangs (F). Unleash waves of toxic vapor, stacking poison on your enemy, while slicing them into pieces.

Change Shunpo to  Venomous Impact (E) and charge your enemy, punching through their defenses with a staggering blow.

Way of the Shadow – Become darkness incarnate and launch your attacks unseen. Stack up Murderous Intent with Lightning Crash and Lightning Rod to trigger Bloodthirst and engage with Lightning Pierce.

 Skulker  Deep Darkness  Dying Breath

Commit to your inner darkness and upgrade Shadow Veil, greatly increasing your damage when attacking during Stealth.

Replaces Bolt Strike with Dead Drop (3). Pounce on your enemy from the shadows even at range, stunning your opponent and piercing their defenses.

Change Shunpo to Dying Breath (E) and teleport behind your enemy to deliver the final blow. If you slay your enemy with this, you will instantly slip into Stealth.

Blade Dancer

Similar to the Blade Master, the Blade Dancer focuses on high mobility and controlled attacks to take down an enemy or enemies. The prowess of the Blade Dancer is unmatched, and the series of skill chains keep the class on edge. The two new specs available are Way of the Spinning Storm and Way of the Thundering Blade.

Way of the Spinning Storm – Become the tempest from within and finish your opponents with quick slashes. Use your skills to trigger Wind Charge and unleash a Rolling Typhoon.

 Gathering Storm  Hurricane Slash  Tailwind

Upgrade Grand Vortex (V) and become the calm before the storm. Hold your strike to charge up to Stage 3 and blow your enemies away.

Change Grand Vortex to Hurricane Slash (V) and dish out quick wind slashes in succession. Decrease the cooldown of Whirling Scourge (Z) every time your attack hits and use Rolling Typhoon (F) up to three times in a row.

Intercept your enemy before they can escape their fate. Greatly reduces the cooldown of Raid (2), Galeflash (2) and Blitz Sword (X).

Way of the Thundering Blade – Unleash devastating attacks by bringing the thunder. Use Lightning Draw and Storm Cleave to gain Electric Surge and enhance Lightning Flash.

 Draining Storm  Storm Swell  Storm Guard

Upgrade the defensive capabilities of Maelstrom (F). Gain Attack power and heavily reduce the cooldown of Raid (2) each time you resist your enemies‘ attacks.

Become the wind of change and spread Maelstrom (F) to your party members. Charge together into battle with additional Movement Speed and HP Recovery.

Learn Guardian Tempest (Z) and become a raging storm, granting you and your allies increased Movement Speed and resistance to damage and status effects up to 3 times.


The Warlock harnesses power of the dark arts to confuse and lock down enemies. Their abilities are cruel and torturous to enemies, and that’s before they see the Warlock’s demonic summoned thrall. Choose either the Way of Distortion or the Way of the Scourge.

Way of Distortion – Manipulate all of time and space, dominate your opponents and leave them always a step behind. Use Time Distortion to reduce the cooldown of Dragoncall and use Bombardment to inflict massive damage.

 Step in Time  Teleportation  Speed Demon

Upgrade Leech (F), increase movement speed and become immune to being Immobilized during Siphon.

Change Onrush and Eclipse to Warp Forward (Q), Warp Backward (S) and become elusiveness itself. Displace yourself to resist damage and status effects for a short time.

Increases your Movement Speed each time you use Bombardment (RMB). Upgrade Spatial Warp (V) and jump through space, dealing damage and stunning your opponent.

Way of the Scourge – Afflict your enemies with dark curses and feed on their life force. Use Dragon Helix which is available after Vampiric Drain, Hex Storm, or Wingstorm to annihilate your foes.

 Ravaging Curse  Ghostly Scream  Graveyard

Upgrade Ravaging Curse (2), increase the casting speed of Dragon Helix (4) on use to quickly put an end to your foe.

Learn Ghostly Scream (3) and unleash a frightening shriek while Quell (1) is active, dealing damage and dazing your opponents around you.

Learn Graveyard (3) and launch waves of darkness around you, weakening your enemies by decreasing their Movement Speed, Attack Power and Defense.

Soon, we will close out our class specialization showcase with Soul Fighter, Force Master, Gunslinger, and Warden. Make sure to check back here on the official Blade & Soul website and follow us on Twitter or Facebook so you don’t miss it. Then prepare yourself for Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan arriving on March 13.