Take on the Earthen Realm as an Astromancer and challenge Xanos the All-seeing in the updated Naryu Sanctum!

The storm casting and black hole bending class, Astromancer, will join the available playable classes in the Earthen Realm this fall. Create an Astromancer and explore the updated Naryu Sanctum in Cosmic Horizon, arriving on September 23.

New Playable Class, Astromancer

  • Available races: Lyn only

Get ready to welcome our 13th playable class to the Earthen Realm! As an Astromancer, you can draw power from the cosmos with the Way of the Starcaster to do high burst damage or control the heavens with Way of the Stormweaver with sustainable damage.

Naryu Sanctum Renewal

  • Level Requirements: Level 60 HM 24 or higher

Xanos the All-seeing and his champion, Agoni, are back and more deadly than ever! The difficulty in Naryu Sanctum has increased to present players with a more significant challenge. Defeat the four bosses to earn unique rewards like Nocturnal Scale Fragments, an offering bracelet for the new Legendary PVE bracelet, and the Dark Devotion costume.

New Talisman Tier

Overture is the next Talisman tier coming to the game. Upgrade your Talisman for even more HP and to boost your defensive stats. Activate this Talisman to trigger the Overture Effect for a boost in your Boss Attack Power, Attack Power, Mystic, Critical Damage, Health Regen, and Defense for a limited duration.

Bountiful Events

The Call to Arms Event returns with all updated earnable equipment and items. Unlock rewards by collecting event remnants that you may exchange for keys to unlock the Armory Chest. Get ready to arm your main or alt!

We’ll also have events celebrating the Astromancer and how you can score the Skybright outfit, so look forward to the full details of all our events on our event previews.

Livestream Preview

Brett and Linda are back to preview the Astromancer and the Cosmic Horizon update LIVE on Twitch on Thursday, September 17 at 11 a.m. PDT (8 p.m. CEST). Follow us on Twitch.tv/bladeandsoul to be notified when we’re on the air!


Cosmic Horizon arrives on September 23. Stay tuned for our next previews into the update!