The results are in…

We’ve spent the last couple weeks going through the over 300 (!) incredible Costume Design Contest entries to narrow them down to the finalists. We want to thank everyone that entered; it was an extremely difficult task for us to pick the Grand Prize Winner and Runners-Up. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to see your incredible ideas and artistic talent, and at the end of the day had the unenviable task of having to choose just one to be implemented into the game.

Without further ado . . .


Grand Prize Winner

Yin Kuoi

Congratulations to Yin Kuoi! A truly remarkable costume in concept and execution, we were impressed with the attention to detail, but also the inclusion of a favorite story of ours, while keeping the costume style in the style of Blade & Soul. We couldn’t help but want to see our own characters in these costumes, so we offer a well-deserved congratulations to Yin Kuoi on winning!

She describes her costume entry:

“The outfit is an Alice in Wonderland inspired design, with a touch of Blade & Soul feel to it. It’s called “Wonderland”. I tried to get ideas from previous to present day outfits to show the female’s grace and beauty (Alice and Red Queen) while showing the male’s mysterious and rebel side (Mad Hatter), with accessories to go along with them. The outfits all consist of three pieces. Face/head adornment, outfit, and back/arm adornment.”

As our Grand Prize Winner, Yin Kuoi will be receiving $100 worth of Hongmoon Coin, the Spirit of Bamboo costume and Bamboo Familiar set, their winning design will be implemented as a costume into the game, and they’ll then receive the costume for free once it’s complete.



It was an extremely close competition, with a truly incredible number of costumes vying not only for the Grand Prize spot, but for the 10 runner-up spots that each will be receiving $50 of Hongmoon Coin, and the Spirit of Bamboo costume and Bamboo Familiar set.

Amalia Areonia Blinduck
CottonMouthz Patrick Collins Horchatai
KiViShark Marion Nekro


Thank you again to everyone who entered! We look forward to being able to hold additional design contests in the future, and have no doubt we’ll discover new and incredible costume design concepts and ideas.