The crafting and gathering systems are getting a revamp on September 13.

In our next update—Rise of the Gunslinger—the crafting and gathering systems are being streamlined to reduce the complexities of crafting in Blade & Soul. For those that have already put time and effort into their crafting guilds, we’ll provide some tokens of our recognition toward that time investment (more details to follow soon).

New Changes

The number of simultaneous tasks you can have in the new crafting system is three for each guild (including gathering tasks within the guild), and the overall level cap for each guild is being increased to five.  You can now also craft varying amounts of items with a single task.  The cost and time to complete the crafting orders vary based on the amount chosen, and some options require an achievement to unlock.

With the streamlining, each crafting guild will have a slew of new and different items you will be able to craft. Have a look at some of the most exciting for each guild below.

The Forgekeepers

  • Empyrean Spirit Stone – Used to upgrade legendary weapons
  • Transformation Stone
  • Master Field Repair Tool
  • Void Fragment
  • Ascendance Stone
  • Galaxy Fragment

Radiant Ring

  • Brilliant Key – Key used to obtain class-specific weapon
  • Ivory Beluga Orb
  • Smelting Orb
  • Aransu Orb

Soul Wardens

  • Shield Bases – Exchangeable for Soul Shield Primers
  • Shield Engravings – Used to enhance attributes for a specific set of Soul Shields
  • Serpent Calling Bell
  • Purification Jar

Acquired Taste

  • Dragon Soups – Increases combat EXP by 100% and 200%
  • Mild & Spicy Dumplings & Dumpling Soup – Recovers 100% HP and gives various combat buffs

Silver Cauldron

  • Cactus and Prickly Pear Potions – Instantly recovers HP
  • Persistence and Awakened Potions – Raises Max. HP or AP


  • Revival  & Resuscitation Charms – Revives yourself or a party member
  • Cooldown Reset Charm – Resets all cooldowns

Removed Content

The following guilds are being removed with the update:

  • Merry Potters
  • Herbside Service
  • Green Thumbs
  • Tree Fellers
  • Trapper's Alliance
  • Fish Network
  • Stonecutters
  • Prospector's Union


Merry Potters Guild
The Merry Potters Guild is being removed as an available crafting guild. Some items that could previously be crafted with Merry Potters will now be available in the other crafting guilds, and clan crafting contracts will no longer require contribution from Merry Potters.

Gathering Guilds
Instead of having gathering guilds be a separate specialization, the items they provided and their associated quests are being made available straight from the new crafting guild UI as a task—except for Quartz and Spring Water, which are being removed from the game. In addition, you’ll be able to find these materials from dungeons, raids, and battleground quests.  Additional crafting materials and Elements can be obtained through Material Chests which will grant the appropriate guild’s materials when opened with the corresponding guild’s Guild Key.

Many previous crafting and gathering items will no longer be useable after the Rise of the Gunslinger update, and you’ll be able to exchange them through the Antiques window for gold or equivalent items. Additionally, all Secret Techniques will no longer drop and their quests will be removed, and Soul Warden’s Emblems will no longer drop from Midnight Skypetal Plains.

Achievements that are associated with Merry Potters and gathering will be updated. If you’re still working on your Crafty Collector achievement, you’ll be able to visit Kiyeon the Achievement Merchant in Zaiwei to purchase the Merry Potters outfit and adornment.

All crafting and gathering requests will be disabled on September 8, to reduce the potential of unneeded cost and effort put into any crafting before the maintenance on September 13.

Look forward to the full patch notes and much more coming in our Rise of the Gunslinger update launching September 13.