Chapters 12 & 13 of Act 7 lead you down a mysterious path to a new Heroic Dungeon—Ebondrake Lair.

Jinsoyun has entered an eternal slumber, and you’re seeking help to wake her. During your search, a shocking discovery is made about the recently unmasked Dark Vicar. This leads you down a treacherous path to Ebondrake Lair—an evil place hidden within the walls of Gunwon City itself—where forbidden rituals are said to be performed.

With the release of Dark Origins, the next two chapters of the Blade & Soul story will be available for Act 7. Once completed, you’ll progress to the Aransu School quest line where the dark past of some familiar foes will be uncovered, and then enter Ebondrake Lair—a Heroic 6-member dungeon available in both Normal and Hard mode.

Recommended for experienced warriors, many challenges await those who enter, and if victorious you’ll be rewarded with exciting new items. Be cautious though, as the monstrosities within meddle with dark chi, and will not hesitate to welcome you as their next sacrifice.

  • Hellion Ring – A new ring that upgrades to Skyshatter Ring, a PvP-focused legendary accessory
  • Blackstone – Material used for Raven Weapon stages 7 and higher
  • Charm Pellet – Grants a special title, which unlocks a unique emote used to inspire those around you
  • Dark Vicar’s Secret Safe – For 20 keys, you can crack open this safe to reveal the wealth inside
  • Dark Vicar Weapons – Used for Legendary weapon upgrades in a future update
  • Rising Flame Outfit & Adornment
Rising Flame