Updates to Sacred Oil Transmutations, skill balancing, Daily Challenges, and more.

Here are the top-line changes we’re making to systems in the Dark Origins update:

  • Sealed Sacred Oil Transmutation cost reduction
  • Skill Balance update to match the changes seen in the Korean version on June 28
  • Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon Stage 6 will be upgradable to Raven Weapon Stage 6
  • Daily Challenge has been updated with newer dungeons, as well as reduced requirements and improved rewards

More details on these below.

Sealed Sacred Oil Transmutation Recipe Update

An additional change we’re making to further adjust the Evolved Stone economy is a change to Sacred Oil Transmutation. After the update less than half as many Evolved Stones will be required to complete the Transmutation. Overall a broader set of cheaper materials will be required, with the net result being a much cheaper overall Transmutation cost.


  • Gold x 5
  • Demon Spirit Stone x 1
  • Evolved Stone x 25
  • Elysian Orb x 10
  • Silverfrost Transformation Stone x 5


  • Gold x 15
  • Demon Spirit Stone x 1
  • Evolved Stone x 10
  • Silverfrost Transformation Stone x 10
  • Soulstone Crystal x 45
  • Moonstone Crystal x 10
  • Sacred Crystal x 45
  • Elysian Crystal x 10

Skill Balance Update

We’re making a number of notable class balance changes with this update; here are some of the most notable notables:

  • Blade Masters can now use Blade Echo upon a successful hit with Raid.
  • Destroyers can no longer use Awakened Wrath but can now use Awakened Mighty Cleave or Awakened Galeforce while under the effects of Soulburn.
  • Blade Dancers now have access to Awakened Lightning Flash, Awakened Wind Flash, Awakened Thundering Typhoon, and Awakened Rolling Typhoon while under the effects of Souburn.
  • The cast time of Warlock’s Dragoncall has been reduced to 1.5 seconds from 2.5 seconds.
  • Soul Fighter’s Awakened Cobalt Punch now increases Chi Level by 2 per hit, up from 1 and also decreases the cooldown of Iron Shoulder by 3 seconds on hit.

Daily Challenge Updates

With the Dark Origins update we’re making some changes to modernize the Daily Challenge system. Older dungeons are being removed from the rotation and replaced with more recent ones. You’ll also now only have to complete three Daily Challenges per day to get the reward (out of the six available), and the reward when you do complete them has been improved and gold amount increased.