Take part in the new monthly events including the hunting zone Nyraka!

Silversteel Laboratory

  • 12-player Raid
  • Recommended for Level 60 HM 16 or higher
  • Complete Silversteel – Chapter 5: Steel Trap Quest

Lead Engineer Shingun has discovered Silversteel automaton protypes from what remains of the Steelbreaker. Instead of destroying these robotic creations, he and his team have decided to rebuild the automatons to better serve the Talus Dominion. Some quality control and testing are needed for these former Silversteel automatons, and this is where you come in…


Mushin’s meddling in the Divine Realm continues to pose problems in the Earthen Realm. Hordes of demons have gathered and started to infect the lands. The demons must be cleared before the land can be purified, but be wary—nobody is an ally in this hunting zone.

Available for a limited time, Nyraka is open for auto-combat and open PvP.

New Monthly Events

In addition to Nyraka, two new events will be part of the update. Pick up a bonus daily quest when you enter Koldrak’s Lair during Koldrak Fever and earn yourself a Koldrak’s Cache. The box guarantees Koldrak Scales, a Koldrak Ember, and a chance for other rewards including a Heptagon Garnet.

The events are just heating up as even more rewards can be earned from the Summer of Splendor. Restore antique lamps with polishing cloths and see what these magical lamps have to offer!

Weapon Enchantment System

Soon to be available for Legendary raid weapons, Thornbreaker and Silversteel, the weapon enchantment system allows you to enchant your weapon for additional Boss Attack Power and Critical Damage stats. The system requires Fusion Stones, Enchantment Stones, and Transformation Stones. Fusion Stones can be acquired through the upcoming Halcyon Hills Challenge Dungeon, Nyraka, Merchant of Wonders, and achieving high ranks in the battlegrounds. Enchantment Stones are transmutable at a 100% success rate. The maximum enchantment a weapon can have is +20, but achieving such will require determination.


Stay tuned for additional previews of upcoming features when Blade & Soul: Dark Passage arrives on July 22!