The Destroyer widens his repertoire of skills with the new Way of the Iron Will specialization

The Destroyer has learned some new alchemy-based abilities and wrapped them all up in a new specialization: Way of the Iron Will. Let’s take a dive into how this third class specialization can help you become more powerful.


Way of the Iron Will

Generates Willpower when certain skills are used (Max. 3 stacks)

Willpower is consumed when Sledgehammer and Iron Knee are used, allowing them to deal additional damage

Inflicts Carnage on opponents with 5 stacks of Bleed when Twin Steel Strike hits

Attacks deal additional damage against opponents inflicted with Carnage

Inflicts opponents with Rust when Overwhelm hits (Max. 4 stacks)

Reduces the movement speed of opponents inflicted with Rust

Rust only affects PvP opponents

Triggers the Iron Heart effect when Ironclad and Brightforge are used

Iron Heart increases Boss Attack Power and grants resistance to Airborne


The new third class specialization for the Destroyer, Way of the Iron Will, can be summed up in two simple ways: Double axes and glittering gold! Both of these themes are very present with this new specialization. You’ll quickly discover that the Way of the Iron Will is formidable when standing at the front lines  and dealing relentless attacks, while providing invaluable support to the rest of the party.

Once you switch to this new specialization, a new silver sheen has blanketed all of the effects of some familiar abilities. Here you’ll be introduced to the Basic Stance, where you will be using just one two-handed axe.

Brightforge has a low cooldown and when used transforms you into an even more powerful Destroyer, and is one of the key abilities for the Way of the Iron Will. Here you will enter the Twin Steel Stance, where you will be outfitted with two powerful axes outlined in a golden hue – all of your abilities will be amplified in this stance.

If that’s not powerful enough, the Way of the Iron Will also offers Ironclad, an even more powerful ability that has an increased cooldown compared to Brightforge but grants amplified bonuses. You’ll equip the gold double axes just as before, but now you’ll don special armor offering superior protection. This is the core of the Ironclad Stance.

Using various Way of the Iron Will abilities earns you up to three stacks of Willpower, as indicated by the golden axe icons. Using Sledgehammer or Iron Knee abilities will consume one stack of Willpower in exchange for additional damage.

If the extra damage and protection from Way of the Iron Will wasn’t enough for you, this specialization also offers robust support abilities to ensure your party survives the fight. Part of the new specialization are additional damage buffs, defensive buffs, and a clutch Iron Plating ability similar to Frost Sheath; just ask a friendly Force Master about the best time to utilize it!



Legendary Stage 10 or Awakened Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings can be evolved to the third specialization through the equipment management system by using an Iron Will Emblem. Iron Will Emblems can be purchased from the Dragon Express for 1 Gold each.

To change specializations for the Stage 10/Awakened Starbreaker Bracelet and Stage 10/Awakened Divinity Bracelet, you will need (1) Unrefined Battalion/Divinity/Starbreaker Bracelet that you can purchase from General Merchant Songhyun in Ajanara Monastery for (5) Tranquility Emblems.

To change specializations for the Stage 10/Awakened Stormsiege Bracelet and Stage 10/Awakened Wildsong Bracelet, you will need (1) Unrefined Thundercall/Stormsiege/Wildsong Bracelet that you can purchase from Elusive Merchant Hee Gisang in Emperor’s Tomb for 24 Oblivion Fragments or 8 Oblivion Fragments and 6 Elder Scales.

Wildborne and War Song Soul Badges can be exchanged for the Exemplar Soul Badge by purchasing the corresponding Compass in the Dragon Express for 10 Gold and 1 Naryu Silver. You can freely exchange between all 3 Soul Badges as long you pay the exchange fee.

Aransu and Dynasty Mystic Badges can be exchanged for the Oscillation Mystic Badge at no cost in the Dragon Express.

Thornbreaker and Groundbreaker Mystic Badges can be exchanged for the Escalation Mystic Badge at no cost in the Dragon Express.

Please note that Mystic Badges exchange is one-way only, and you will not be able to exchange an Oscillation or Escalation Mystic Badge for another Mystic Badge. Also, the Soul Badge and Mystic Badge exchange will only be possible until February 19.


The new specialization for Destroyer is designed to be agile, and able to sustain a fair amount of damage while offering many benefits to fellow party members.

We'll be taking a deeper look at the Destroyer third class specialization, and checking out other features coming to Blade & Soul in this new update on our Blade & Soul: Will of Iron update preview livestream on December 5 at 11:00 a.m. PDT at