The Blade & Soul: Fire and Blood update arrives March 21 with a new side story and 6-member Heroic dungeon.

The Blade & Soul: Fire and Blood update arrives March 21, and will introduce an exhilarating new experience with the Emperor’s Tomb—a new single player area where you’ll complete quests, build up your defenses, and see the impact of your progression in the world around as you pursue the treacherous Chol Mugo and his Blackram Marauders.


Emperor’s Tomb

Chol Mugo is out for revenge, and the Emperor’s Tomb holds the power he needs to see it through. You’ll need to fight to free the Valindrian captives within before they’re sacrificed in Chol Mugo’s twisted blood ritual—dark magic meant to awaken an unimaginable, otherworldly power.

The Emperor’s Tomb is full of automated sentries and traps (in addition to Chol Mugo’s Blackram Marauders), all of which must be disarmed and dealt with so that your own forces can enter and begin setting up for a counter-offensive. If you’re successful in claiming the Tomb grounds for your own, you’ll then need to head into the Ransacked Treasury, a 6-member Heroic dungeon, to deal with the threat.


Ransacked Treasury

  • 6-member Heroic Dungeon
  • Available in Normal and Hard mode
  • Recommended for Level 55 – HM 16
  • Players will need to have finished The Emperor’s Tomb – Chapter 5: Stealing the Light

You’ve done an admirable job in reclaiming the Emperor’s Tomb, freeing the captives, and disarming traps, but the Blackram Marauder forces have also made progress. Have they begun to harness the power of the Emperor’s Sword, or has it begun to harness them for its own purposes? Either way, a threat stands in the Ransacked Treasury that threatens your forces, and even the Earthen Realm.


New Treasures Await

Overcome the challenges that lay in wait within the Ransacked Treasury and you’ll discover a potential bounty of riches and extraordinary treasures including:

  • Hellion Necklace
    • Upgrade the Hellion Necklace to Elevation Necklace, the newest legendary accessory in the Summit’s Call set.
  • Imperial Mark
    • Exchange 1 Imperial Mark and 20 Sea Glass for Heptagonal Obsidian at Emperor’s Tomb Merchant Yoola.
  • Innovator costume
  • Innovator Eye Patch adornment
  • Amara Ring (can be upgraded to Awakened Amara Ring)
  • Amara Weapon
  • Amara Soul Shield
  • Hellion Core
  • Silver Scale
  • Blood Pearl
  • Sea Glass


Innovator Costume and Eye Patch Adornment


To Be Continued…

Your progress through the Emperor’s Tomb has given you the right tools and platform to launch a counter offensive. Look for the continuation of the Chol Mugo story in a future update.