Force Masters will soon unlock The Way of the Lightning specialization!

As a Force Master, you wield the elements of fire and ice with deadly results. With the upcoming release of the Force Master’s third specialization, you can now call upon elemental lightning. Embrace the Way of the Lightning and unleash its destructive abilities!

Way of the Lightning

Utilize lightning to control and smite enemies from a distance. Generate electric charges to unlock powerful attacks and enhanced combat modes.

The new third class specialization for the Force Master, Way of the Lightning, calls upon the heavens to smite your enemies. Although Force Masters will be familiar with the Way of Lightning playstyle, it adds an element of controlled chaos.

As part of Way of the Lightning talents, you must choose between Dark Spark or Light Spark—this determines what skills are single target or area of effect and a few attribute differences. The chief mechanic of this specialization is charging Lightning Orbs and utilizing the state of Overcharge. The Lightning Orbs boost your Attack Power and two additional stats depending on selected talents. You can stack up to five Lightning Orbs using LMB.  You won’t consume any Orbs while you use skills, and individual skills are made available depending on the number of Orbs active. When five Orbs are engaged, you will be in Overcharge, and there will be a meter that displays how long you have until the five Orbs vanish and you re-enter the Recharge state.

In Overcharge, certain skills will be made available while other skills may not be used during that time. While in Overcharge, you can trigger Stormborn and levitate off the floor using LMB! While in Stormborn, there will be an increase in status effect resistance and you can reset or lower the cooldown of specific skills. You will have access to even more powerful area of effect skills such as Ultrashock and Storm Wrath.

This is just a quick look into what Force Master 3rd Specialization, Way of the Lightning, offers, and the talents will offer different methods of playing that fit your style. 

Accessories and Badges

You will be able to swap Accessories and Badges on June 24 when Blade & Soul: Divine Break goes live. Legendary Stage 10 or Awakened Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings can be evolved to the third specialization through the equipment management system by using a Lightning Emblem. Purchase Emblems from the Dragon Express for 1 Gold.

To change specializations for the Stage 10/Awakened Starbreaker Bracelet and the Stage 10/Awakened Divinity Bracelet, you will need (1) Unrefined Battalion Bracelet that you can purchase from General Merchant Songhyun in Ajanara Monastery for (5) Tranquility Emblems.

To change specializations for the Stage 10/Awakened Stormsiege Bracelet and the Stage 10/Awakened Wildsong Bracelet, you will need (1) Unrefined Thundercall Bracelet that you can purchase from Elusive Merchant Hee Gisang in the Emperor’s Tomb for (24) Oblivion Fragments or (6) Elder Scales and (8) Oblivion Fragments, as well as a fee of (3) Elder Scales and 70 gold.

Swap Legendary Wingrise/Paragon/Exhilaration Soul Badges through the equipment management window using a Wingrise/Paragon/Exhilaration Compass, purchased from the Dragon Express for (1) Naryu Silver and 10 Gold. You can swap back and forth as many times as you want.

Legendary Aransu/Dynasty Mystic Badges can be swapped for an Oscillation Mystic Badge, and Thornbreaker/Groundbreaker Mystic Badges can be swapped for an Escalation Mystic Badge for free through the Dragon Express. Please note that this is a one-time exchange, so choose wisely!


We’ll be taking a more in-depth look into Way of the Lightning during our upcoming Blade & Soul: Divine Break Update Preview Livestream. Tune in on Thursday, June 18 at 11:00 a.m. PST / 20:00 CET  over at to see what’s coming!