Seems like Taigong’s Hideaway gained a reputation last year for being a wild party!

Return to the Fortune Falls event dungeon, where Kegleg Jeg and his Ploggle partiers have returned and seem like they’re trying to turn Taigong’s Hideaway into an annual party destination. This time they’ve brought their fishing gear, and once again have flooded this tranquil oasis with alcohol. They’re willing to fight to keep the good times rolling, so it’s up to you to put an end to this fishing trip gone wrong.

Fortune Falls

  • Event Duration: July 25–August 15
  • Reward Redemption Period: August 15–September 5

Head to the Fortune Falls event dungeon from Jadestone Village, or via the Dungeon Lobby [F8], and defeat Kegleg Jeg and his Ploggle partiers for their shiny Fishing Hooks. After getting a stockpile of Fishing Hooks, you’ll want to grab a 21-day limited time Master Troller fishing outfit from the Dragon Express for 1 gold, and then head to the fishing poles and nets in Jadestone Village to try and reel in some treasure. After pressing F to interact with the fishing poles/nets, be sure to press F again to claim your catch. You’ll need to also press Y if the item is bind on pickup to confirm binding the item to you. Make sure to claim your reward quickly. If you don’t claim it in the first five seconds, you’ll lose it. Back into the water it goes along with your Fishing Hook.

Master Troller

Each use of a fishing spot costs 1 Fishing Hook, and is guaranteed to give you 2 Fleeting Angler’s Oil event tokens, as well as a random chance at the prizes below:

Fishing Spot Reward


Honing Fish

  • 2 Void Fragment
  • Chance of other rewards

Blacksmith’s Barracuda

  • Random upgrade materials

Plunderer’s Platter

  • 2 Ascendance Stone
  • 3 Galaxy Fragment
  • Chance of other PvP rewards

Crystal Carp

  • Open with 60 Soulstone Crystal to receive Steel Heart
  • Open with 3 Moonstone Crystal to receive Silken Splendor
  • Open with 30 Sacred Crystal to receive Ebondrake Wheel
  • Open with 3 Elysian Crystal to receive Resolution

Booster’s Blowfish

  • Transmute with Special Hongmoon XP Charm and 20 Gold to receive Premium Hongmoon XP Charm

Goldfish of Fortune

  • Sell to NPC for 1,000 Gold

Pet Pack


Sacred Vial


Divine Grace Stone



Steel Heart

Silken Splendor



You can collect additional Fleeting Angler’s Oil event tokens from the Daily Challenge and raids:


Quest Name

Fleeting Angler’s Oil Event Tokens

Daily Challenge



Dawn of Khanda Vihar

The Memory of Meganura


Fallen Aransu School

Aransu Has Fallen


Snowjade Fortress

The Eternal Champion



After collecting 3 Fleeting Angler’s Oil, you’ll be able to purchase a Fleeting Pet Aura – Stage 1 from the Dragon Express. This is a limited-time Pet Aura that can be upgraded, used, and then traded in for other rewards before the event ends. If you’re able to upgrade your Fleeting Pet Aura to the final stage, you can exchange it in the Dragon Express for a permanent Awakened Gusty/Loyal/Furious Hongmoon Pet Aura. It should be noted that, unlike similar events in the past, the upgrade between stages cannot fail.



Fleeting Angler’s Oil

Stage 1 -> Stage 2



Stage 2 -> Stage 3



Stage 3 -> Stage 4



Stage 4 -> Stage 5



Stage 5 -> Stage 6



Stage 6 -> Brilliant Fleeting Pet Aura




Even if you don’t make it all the way to the final stage, or if you just don’t need another Pet Aura, the Dragon Express holds a host of different rewards that can be purchased with various stages of Fleeting Pet Auras. Here are a few of the rewards you’ll likely want to keep an eye on:

  • Star Power costume
  • Sacred Vial
  • Hongmoon Heptagonal Sapphire/Peridot/Ruby
  • Transcendence Engine
  • Pet Pack

Star Power


Ephemeral Survival Charm

For those of you looking to test out some of the new Battlegrounds changes, completing Daily Challenge, Battleground Daily Quests, and Battleground Weekly Quests will earn you Ephemeral Survival Charms. When used, these give you 5,000 PvP Defense and 1,500 Critical Defense for 10 minutes, and these effects last through death.

These are only available during the event and they’ll expire on September 5, so be sure to grab and use as many as you can!


Quest Name



Quest Type

Whirlwind Valley

Whirlwind Trifecta

Participate in Three Matches in Whirlwind Valley


Daily Quest

Beluga Lagoon

Three Beluga Lagoon Matches

Participate in Three Matches in Beluga Lagoon



Nova Core

Lighting Up Three Matches

Participate in Three Matches in Nova Core



Whirlwind Valley

Whirlwind Valley Triple Crown

Win Three Matches in Whirlwind Valley


Weekly Quest

Beluga Lagoon

Beluga Lagoon Triple Crown

Win Three Matches in Beluga Lagoon



Nova Core

Go Supernova

Win Three Matches in Nova Core




Reel in some amazing rewards with the Fortune Falls event and a lot more when Blade & Soul: False Idols goes live on July 25!