Now that you’ve upgraded your accessories with Dragon’s Bounty, get your weapon to the next stage and tier with Fish Oil!

Fortune’s Bounty

  • Event Duration: June 19 – July 24
  • Reward Redemption Period: June 19 – August 21

Start off the event by learning fishing and collecting Angler's Pearls from catching fish. You’ll also need Fortune Fish that can be acquired from either the Fortune Falls event dungeon, Treasure Trove, and Daily Challenges.

The Fortune Fishbone, which can be earned from completing the Fortune Falls Daily Quest, can be used as a special bait to increase your chances of catching rare fish. The rarer the fish you catch, the more  Angler's Pearls you get. Along with Angler's Pearls and Fortune Fish, you can trade them with the General Merchant by the fishing grounds for Fish Oils and other rewards.

The Fish Oils can be used as offering items and to discount certain weapon upgrades.

Fish Oil Type

Discount Rate

Target Weapons

Angler's Fish Oil


Raven Stage 4-9

Riftwalk/Dawnforged Stage 4-9

Prime Fish Oil


Aransu Stage 1-6

Exalted/Storm Dragon Stage 1-6


Aransu Stage 7-9

Exalted/Storm Dragon Stage 7-9

Golden Fish Oil


Grand Celestial Stage 1-3

Skyforge/Shadowforge Stage 1-3

Fortune Falls

Pick up the quest “A Fisher Out of Water” from your Quest Journal and see Legendary Fisher Taigong in Jadestone Village or via the Dungeon Lobby to start the “Grog and Plog” quest to defeat the Gollak Army, Imperator Gollak, and Kegleg Jeg. Grog and Plog is available daily for the duration of the event.




A Fisher Out of Water



Grog and Plog


10,000 EXP

2,000 Reputation

x1 Fortune Fish

x1 Fortune Fishbone

Hopped Up


3,000 EXP

x1 Fortune Potion

Daily Challenge & Weekly Challenge

New rewards are available for completing Daily Challenge quests. Different rewards are available for completing up to 5 Daily Challenge quests.

#  of Completion



3 Fortune Fish


Daily Challenge Treasure Chest

Daily Challenge Reward Chest

Dungeon Treasures Selection Chest


Fortune Fish Treasure Chest


Daily Challenge Splendor Stone Chest

Complete three Weekly Challenge quests and you’ll also receive 6 Fortune Fish and a Raider’s Support Box.


Alongside the Fortune Falls event dungeon, you can also gain an additional reward box for each Dynamic Quest you complete in the raid dungeons.

Raid Dungeon

Dynamic Quest

Reward Chest

Skybreak Spires

Blood and Venom

The Furious Imperator

General Disarray

The Raven King

Scion's Keep

Dumping Iron

Temple of Eluvium

Queen of the Hive

Hot Headed, Cold Blooded

The Great Thrall Brawl

Nightfall Sanctuary         

Keeper of the Peace

Bearer of the Shield

Lord of the Sting

The Shadowmoor

Collect Fortune Fish and exchange them for rewards when Blade & Soul: Empyrean Shadows launches on June 19.