The weather is heating up, but you can cool off in the Frozen Firing Range Event Dungeon on August 15!

Community Manager Bethany “Liinxy” Stout and Producer Jonathan “Babbletr0n” Lien show off the Firing Range Event Dungeon content, as well as everything else that’s coming on August 15 in our most recent livestream. Watch and follow along as they take you through a tour of what’s new!

Summer Ice-Block Party

August 15–September 12

Head into the Frozen Firing Range Event Dungeon for new cosmetics and consumables while enjoying increased Daily Challenge rewards —check out what’s coming with this limited-time event!

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Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest

August 15–September 5

We’ve got some HOT items here for the summer! If you’re looking for new costumes, gems, swimsuits, or raid bundles, then lotion up and head to the Hongmoon Store for steamy items you won’t find anywhere else!

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4.7.1 Patch Notes

Content & Events

  • The The Frozen Firing Range event returns and will be available from August 15 through September 12.
    • Complete the Frozen Firing Range event dungeon to obtain the Frozen Fun Bag, which contains 3 guaranteed Ice Pellet event token as well as a chance at additional rewards.
    • You also receive 5 Ice Pellet for completing Daily Challenge as well as 1 Ice Pellet each for completing the following dungeon quests:



    Ice Pellets

    Cold Storage

    In the Dead of Winter


    Cold Storage - Kaari Lord

    Lord it Over (Dynamic)


    Avalanche Den

    Frozen Phantasm


    Sogun's Lament

    Asura's Return


    Starstone Mines

    The Leader of The Pack


  • Redeem Ice Pellets in Special tab of Dragon Express for rewards, including but not limited to:
    • Remix
    • Summer Splash
    • Summer Shade Sunglasses
    • Hongmoon Heptagonal Sapphire/Citrine
    • Sacred Vial
  • Throughout the duration of the event, the Daily Challenge Treasure Chest will be replaced Premium Daily ChallengeTreasure Chest which provides increased amounts of materials.


  • PvP Ratings have been adjusted for better distribution which should result in better matchmaking overall.
  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Challenge Treasure Chest was showing the incorrect range of possible rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where body text was not displaying for in-game mail.
  • Fixed an issue where the SFX Quality for Others option was affecting the Personal SFX Quality for certain skills.
  • Fixed an issue where Skypetal Soulstone Chest was dropping the incorrect amount of Soulstone Crystal.
  • Fixed various localization issues in English, French, German, and Portuguese.