Reduced costs and additional recipes coming on October 5.

In an ongoing effort to implement cost reductions and help improve the pace of player progression, we’ve made a number of changes to gem crafting and transmutation in the Ebondrake Citadel update, arriving October 5.

Radiant Ring Crafting Guild

The following Radiant Ring Crafting Guild crafting costs have been reduced:

  • Brilliant Square Diamond Pouch gold cost is now 8c (down from 16c)
  • Brilliant Hexagonal Diamond Pouch is now 4s 36c (down from 10s 51c)
  • Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond Pouch is now 4s 36c (down from 13s08c)
  • Heptagonal Diamond Pouch is now 13s 8c (down from 1g)


In addition, a new crafting option has been added (requires Radiant Ring Secret Technique – Silverfrost):

Sparkling Heptagonal Diamond Pouch
Contains a random Sparkling Heptagonal Diamond.

  • Cost:
    • 1 Heptagonal Diamond (any type)
    • 30 Premium Kaolin Refiner
    • 50 Heptagonal Gem Fragments
    • 30 Frozen Stingers
    • 10 Moonstones
    • 13s 8c
  • Crafting time: 24 hours


Gem Transmutation

The Transmutation system has been expanded to include additional gem tiers:

  • Brilliant Square Gems
  • Pentagonal Gems
  • Brilliant Pentagonal Gems
  • Sparkling Pentagonal Gems
  • Hexagonal Gems
  • Brilliant Hexagonal Gems
  • Sparkling Hexagonal Gems
  • Sparkling Heptagonal Gems

The success rate for transmuting gems below the Heptagonal tier is 100%, but the type of gem you will receive will be random. However, the gem received can be influenced by the type used when transmuting. For example, if you use 2 Stun Rubies and 1 Additional Damage Ruby, you will have a higher chance (although not guaranteed) of receiving a Stun Ruby as a result of the transmutation.

The Radiant Energy cost for transmuting Heptagonal and Brilliant Heptagonal Gems has also been changed as follows:

  • Heptagonal Gem is now 10 Radiant Energy (down from 20)
  • Brilliant Heptagonal Gem is now 20 Radiant Energy (down from 40)


Stay tuned for these changes and a lot more in the Ebondrake Citadel update, arriving October 5.