It’s free stuff for clicking a button, don’t miss out.

The new Gunslinger class arrives for free for all players on September 13 with the Rise of the Gunslinger update! If you’re as excited for the update as we are, you can set yourself a small reminder to log in on launch day by registering your NC account information—and get some free stuff to go with it!

Just log into your account (created before today, with at least a level 10 character on it) and click on the big Register button and you’re going to get a free Gunslinger’s Satchel on release—easy!

The Gunslinger’s Satchel includes the following items:

  • Dead Reckoning Outfit
  • Dead Reckoning Hat
  • Additional Character Slot Voucher
  • 10 Excellent Hongmoon XP Charms (Requires HM 1 or higher to use)

Dead Reckoning Set

Head to the registration page to sign up, and for the complete official rules.