Register for Blade & Soul’s biggest update of 2017, and receive a free level 50 boost, adornment, and more.

The largest content update this year for Blade and Soul launches December 6. Register before the release to net yourself some incredible gifts, and prepare you for your new journey.

Just log into your account (created before today, with at least a level 10 character on it) and click on the big Register button and you’ll get a free Lost Continent Explorer’s Pack on December 6—easy!

Lost Continent Explorer’s Pack

  • Level 50 Character Creation Voucher
    • Boost directly to level 50 where you’ll be able to experience the new 55 level cap, Act 8 story, Hongmoon Ultimate Skills, and more!
  • Merry Cap Adornment
    • Celebrate the season with this festive cap!
  • Unrefined Scaleburn Weapon
  • 20 Gold
  • Training Equipment Chest
    • Cerulean Order Uniform
    • Crimson Legion Uniform
    • Lucent Accessories
    • Ancestral Soul Shield
  • Training Gem Pouch
    • Hongmoon Square Ruby
    • Hongmoon Square Sapphire
    • Hongmoon Square Citrine
    • Guardian Mystery Pet Pouch
    • Light Stone
    • Dark Stone
  • Training Consumables Pouch
    • 100 Dumplings
    • 100 Master Field Repair Tools
    • 100 Fortune Potions
    • 100 Hongmoon Unsealing Charms
    • 100 Hongmoon Keys
    • 50 Heroic Friendship Charm
    • 26 Dragon Trade Pouch
    • 10 Naryu Silver


Head to the registration page to sign up or see the complete official rules.