Whirlwind Valley event and updates arriving with Desolate Tomb.

Gift of the Winds

The Whirlwind Valley event is from August 24 until October 5, and introduces new rewards for completing Whirlwind Valley daily and weekly quests. The quests to complete during the event are “One Whirlwind Victory”, “Whirlwind Trifecta”, and “Whirlwind Valley Triple Crown”. Visit the Whirlwind Valley Battleground Noticeboard to pick up and turn in these quests, and for the duration of the Gift of the Winds event, receive Whirlwind War Chests (in addition to their normal rewards) for completing them.

In addition, if you play on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you’ll receive additional Whirlwind War Chests. You’re encouraged to compete on these days, and will see quicker queues, and more consistent games.


While completing the new Gift of the Winds event quests will give the Whirlwind War Chests, you’ll need to unlock them with a Whirlwind War Chest Key—available from Daily Challenges, which similarly provide additional rewards on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In addition to completing Daily Challenges for event keys, you can also receive an additional key each time you complete either the Cold Storage or Heaven’s Mandate dynamic quests during the event period.

When unlocking the Whirlwind War Chests you’ll receive random consumables and items to help with Silverfrost weapon upgrades, as well as a new item: the Whirlwind Battle Coin. You can exchange your Whirlwind Battle Coins for an array of rewards at the Dragon Express.



Coin Cost

Additional Cost

Taikhan's Skin


20 Black Rose Feathers

Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Citrine


20 Black Rose Feathers




Locked Cleanup Crew Weapon



Excellent Experience Charm



Naryu Tablet



Bruiser Charm



Heroic Friendship Charm



Ordinary Experience Charm



Naryu Silver



Master Field Repair Tool



Fortune Potion




Whirlwind Valley Changes

In addition to the event, we’ve made some permanent changes to Whirlwind Valley with the Desolate Tomb update.

  • Premium Members will now receive additional experience and Battle Points from Whirlwind Valley.
  • Experience and Battle Points earned while within Whirlwind Valley are increased by 50% between 7pm and 11pm server time. This is a long term change and not tied specifically to the Whirlwind Valley event.
  • Added Rankings, Weekly Rewards, and Season Rewards for Whirlwind Valley which can be viewed in the Ranking menu (F11).
  • You may now only queue for Whirlwind Valley solo or in groups of two.