Get ready to feast in the Golden Harvest Festival

As the leaves turn orange and scarf season nears, we invite you to take part in the Golden Harvest Festival!

Golden Harvest Festival

Wheel of Fate rewards are back! Collect Harvest Tickets as you complete Daily Challenges, and use them to craft a Dining Table, Raw Turkey, or Secret Family Recipe depending on your chosen Crafting Guild. Use these ingredients, or gift wrap them to exchange with friends to ultimately get a hold of a Harvest Feast that can be used at the Wheel of Fate located in Hogshead Hamlet.

Rewards from the Wheel of Fate include the Wonder Ascension Stone Chest, Gilded Square Gem Chest, and an Elite Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Gem Selection Voucher which can be used in the Dragon Express to choose between a Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Attack Diamond, Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Aquamarine, or a Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Amber Gem.

Many other rewards are available through the event. Unlock favorite cosmetics from the past and equipment such as the Storm Speaker Necklace and Gloves.

New Gem Tiers

Take your Hongmoon Gilded Gems and transmute them to the next tier of gems, Hongmoon Gilded Hexagonal gems. It takes 3 of the same type of Hongmoon Gilded Pentagonal gems, 240 Hongmoon Gem Powders, 240 Soulstone Crystal, and 80 Gold.

Gilded Pentagonal Obsidian and Garnet can also be transmuted use 3 of the same type of Gilded Square gems, 8 Nocturnal Scale, and 200 Soulstone Crystals. Gilded Pentagonal Dueler gems require 70 Bloodstones and 200 Soulstone Crystals to transmute.

The Primeweald

  • Level Recommendation: Level 60, HM 22 or higher

The Primeweald is an auto-hunting zone, and PvP will not be enabled in this zone. To participate, open the windstrides to Primeweald by accepting the ‘Into the Primeweald’ quest from your Quest Journal and then meet a Keeper at the Cardinal Gates in Zaiwei. Once there, accept additional quests in your Quest Journal under Quest Letters in the Call from the Realms section in your Quest Journal. Completing these Daily Quests will reward you Thornwind Emblems, Howling Emblems, Greenbite Emblems, or Vilebriar Emblems.

The Primeweald is separated into four quadrants, and each quadrant has its own set of field monsters that can drop Thornwind Emblems, Howling Emblems, Greenbite Emblems, or Vilebriar Emblems. Trade these Emblems at the Dragon Express merchants in Primeweald for cosmetics, Fusion Stones, Immutable Pet Gem chests, a Harvest Feast, and more. The field monsters also have a chance to drop Pet Gem chests.

Tower of Infinity – Season of Ascension

Get ready to scale the Tower of Infinity for Ascension Tokens and exchange them for Soul Badges! The Season of Resurgence is finally coming to an end and a new season, Season of Ascension, will begin.

Mythical Enchantment for Heart, Pet Aura, Soul, and Talisman

Mythical enchanting is expanding to the highest Heart, Pet Aura, Soul and Talisman. Use 5 Enchantment Stones, 5 Transformation Stones, and 250 Gold to upgrade your eligible equipment to mythical. After that, Fusion Stones, Transformation Stones, and gold are required to upgrade to the next stage with 20 stages total.

Eligible Equipment

Enchantment Bonuses

Resolute True Resolute Heart

Boss AP, Critical, Mystic Damage

Vital Surge  True Vital Surge Soul

Boss AP, Critical, Mystic Damage

Thunderflux True Thunderflux Soul

Boss AP, Critical, Mystic Damage

Starborn Pet Aura – Stage 1  Unleased Starborn Pet Aura

Boss AP, Critical, Mystic Damage, Defense

Overture True Overture Talisman

Boss AP, Critical, Mystic Damage, Defense


Prepare your appetite— the Golden Harvest Festival kicks off on November 18!