Make a list and check it twice, the Holiday Treasure Trove arriving on December 5.

The Holiday Treasure Trove is here until December 26! Find out all about the Trove, new rewards, and special cosmetics below. 


Each character level 36 and above can open the Treasure Trove once per day for FREE during the event period. Opening the Trove will give you the opportunity to purchase any of the items you see with gold, but you can only purchase one item per Treasure Trove Key used!



Six additional Treasure Trove slots can be opened with Treasure Trove Expansions purchased from the Hongmoon Store, which will unlock these slots for the entirety of the Treasure Trove period. Unlock these slots early to increase your chances of seeing a valuable item. Additional Treasure Trove Keys can also be purchased, and if you’re looking to buy several keys or expansions at once, be sure to check out the bundles below.



If opening each Trove one at a time is too slow for you, you can speed up the process by opening five at once! It works exactly like opening one Trove, just five times as fast. You’ll use five keys, and gain the respective amount of progress toward the Guaranteed Rewards.



You will also find a rating for each Trove you unlock by looking at the stars at the top of the window. Most of the Troves you unlock will be one star, but it’s possible to receive two or three stars. The more stars, the more desirable the rewards!

As a response to player feedback from the previous Treasure Trove, we’ve significantly increased the number of 3-star Troves players can find in comparison to previous Treasure Troves. The 3-star Trove is still very rare, but overall players should see more of them as a whole.

Crit Meter

The Crit Meter is a way to guarantee you’ll receive at least a 2-star Trove. For each purchased Treasure Trove Key you use (free daily keys don’t count), you’ll increase the Crit Meter by 1–3 points (or 5–15 if you unlock five Troves). Once the bar has reached its maximum of 40 points, your next purchased Trove Key will guarantee at least a 2-star Trove.


Bonus Rewards

Bonus Rewards is a progressive system that gives you extra items simply by opening Treasure Troves. There are milestones you can achieve based on how many Troves you open, with each milestone offering additional items, on top of the rewards you’re already getting. These items include upgrade materials, gems, cosmetics, and more!

As a response to player feedback from the previous Treasure Trove, we’ve significantly improved Bonus Rewards. You’ll receive rewards far more often for fewer keys, receive rewards as early as five keys, and have many more choices when selecting your extra items. Find the entire list of items and accompanying milestones by clicking the Treasure Trove information button on the Treasure Trove interface.


The Treasure Trove Key and Treasure Trove Expansion bundles are available again—buy more and you’ll save more with our bundle discounts! Premium Members are also able to pick up one free Treasure Trove Key for 0 Hongmoon Coin by visiting the Hongmoon Store each day.





Treasure Trove Key

49 NCoin/HM Coin


Treasure Trove Key x50

2327 NCoin


Treasure Trove Key x100

4410 NCoin


Treasure Trove Expansion x1

199 NCoin/HM Coin


Treasure Trove Expansion x6

955 NCoin/HM Coin


Above items will be available until the December 26 maintenance.



Starting December 5 there’s plenty to find under the Holiday Treasure Trove tree.  If you’ve been hopeful for a new look as we approach the new year, this Treasure Trove has what you need! The ever-so-beautiful Butterfly Effect Costume, Hair Adornment, and Illusion Weapon as well as the radiant Sapphire Wings, new pets, illusion weapons and some old favorites will be making their way into this Trove. That’s not all you’ll find inside. There are upgrade materials, new Dyad gems, the Emperor’s Tomb Reset, and much more. Alongside all these new items is the debut of some wonderfully season-themed skill illusions to make your abilities look more festive. Take a look to see what’s packed in this sleigh full of fun.



Sapphire Wings

Mechanika Costume, Hat, Mask, and Wing

Feral Fury Costume and Hood

Dark Omen Costume

Butterfly Effect Costume, Head Adornment, and Wings

Butterfly Clip Hair

Apprentice Jinsoyun Pet

Snake Pet

Rainbow Illusion Weapon Chest

Boss Mode

Snowflake Skill Illusion

Festive Winter Skill Illusion



 Sacred Vial & Oil

Hongmoon Master Scroll

Premium Transformation Stone

Empyrean Spirit Stone

Silver Scale & Blackstone

Grand Celestial Wings & Grand Celestial Steel

Raven King’s Soul & Hive Queen’s Heart

Snow Wreath Nebula Stone

 Sealed & Unsealed Hive Queen’s Barb/Husk/Rancor

 Aransu, Khanda Vihar, Emperor’s Tomb Reset

Bloodstone & Warforge Fragment

Skyshadow Orb, Incinerator Stone, Vengeance Orb

Aransu Orb

Evolved Stone

Sea Glass & Blood Pearl



Dyad Gilded Ruby-Sapphire, Ruby-Citrine, Ruby-Amethyst, Ruby-Peridot, Ruby-Emerald

Dyad Gilded Citrine-Sapphire, Citrine-Amethyst, Citrine-Peridot, Citrine-Emerald

Dyad Gilded Sapphire-Amethyst, Sapphire-Peridot, Sapphire-Emerald, Emerald-Peridot, Amethyst-Peridot

Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Emerald, Ruby, Citrine, Sapphire, Amethyst, Peridot, Aquamarine, Amber

Hongmoon Octagonal Diamond, Ruby, Citrine, Sapphire, Emerald, Peridot, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Amber

Heptagonal Obsidian Gems

Hongmoon Gem Fragments & Powder

Forgotten Hive Queen Soul Shield Chest

XP Charms

Faded Aransu Necklace and Aransu Elemental Prisms

Awakened Transcendence Engine

Sealed & Unsealed Frostburn Orb, Heart of the Great Thrall, Iron Conqueror Medallion

Note: The Holiday Treasure Trove preview article previously stated incorrectly that the Grand Phoenix Costume Set was available in this Treasure Trove

The Holiday Treasure Trove is now available until December 26! Log in now to get your FREE Treasure Trove key and see what gifts you’ll get this holiday season!