Before these items leave the store, get them for a reduced price in this limited-time sale.

The Hongmoon Store Spring Clearance sale begins on March 2! Enjoy discounts on costumes leaving the store soon, plus new items to help you level your character, and more.

Warlock Weapon Skins

Fury's Illusion Razor

Shrieking Wind Phantom Razor


The below costumes are leaving the Hongmoon Store on March 16. Get them at a discount while they’re still available!

Baby Blue Bear Set

Pinky Bear Set


Fight Fire With Fire


First Step




Summoner Familiar Items

These items for your Familiar will be leaving the Hongmoon Store on March 16.

“I Can Haz” Set



Familiar Name Change Voucher

  • A new consumable that allows you to rename your Summoner’s feline Familiar! May we recommend Archibald Meowington III, or maybe Señor Snugglebuns?


Naryu Level-up Bundle

This bundle is available until March 23, and offers new characters (Perhaps your new Warlock?) some additional items to help them on their journey. The Naryu Level-Up Bundle includes:

  • Hongmoon Unsealing Charm (x10)
  • Traditional Hongmoon Dragon Soup (x5)
  • Hongmoon Key (x10)
  • Dragon Trade Pouch (x2)