The Wonderful Mr. Whiskers Pet Pouch is now available! Sales will support the 2018 Battle Brawl prize pool.

Available February 7 – March 7 in the Featured Tab

Price: 249 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

Blade & Soul’s newest pet pouch is here! Now available in the Hongmoon store, it comes with an opportunity to meet a truly unique character who brings a sense of taste and high society to his companions—The Wonderful Mr. Whiskers! From his original incarnation to his final form (The Ultimate Mr. Whiskers) this pet will make you the talk of the town.

This new pet pouch will also feature other great pets including the Shiba Pet, Lycan Pet, Infernal Pet and Otter Pet.

Even better, sales of this new pet pouch will for a limited time also support the upcoming 2018 Battle Brawl PvP tournament. 100% of the net proceeds from sales of The Wonderful Mr. Whiskers pet pouch during the month of February will go towards the 2018 Battle Brawl prize pool. 

The 2018 Battle Brawl teams have duked it out to build up their fighting points as they compete for a place in the Battle Brawl Qualifying Tournament, where the top 8 teams will clash in a double elimination tournament on February 17 and 18. The top two teams from North America and Europe will then be sent to the Battle Brawl finale in March. For more information on Blade & Soul Esports, and the 2018 Battle Brawl and beyond, head over to!

Support Blade & Soul Esports and your favorite brawlers by picking up The Wonderful Mr. Whiskers Pet Pouch in the Hongmoon store today!