The Sparkling Starcaller Chest and all its rewards are now available for a limited time!

The Sparkling Starcaller Chest is a new chest that yields a random pouch which allows you to choose your reward from a list of available items and purchase it with Gold. These pouches vary in the rewards they offer, ranging from upgrade materials, Gilded and Dyad Square gems, to a wardrobe full of cosmetic items. Pick up the Starcaller Chest individually or in bundles from the Hongmoon Store.

Sparkling Starcaller Chest

Individual Price: 49 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin (Limit 20 per day with Hongmoon Coin)

x50 Price: 2327 NCoin (5% discount)

x100 Price: 4410 NCoin (10% discount)

Available until April 24


Opening Sparkling Starcaller Chests will reward between one and five Starcaller Selection Pouches, with one being the most common result, and one Starcaller Coin. The type of Starcaller Selection Pouch you receive will be random, each categorized by rarity and grade.

Rarity Grade

Blue (Normal)


Purple (Rare)


Orange (Legendary)


Right click on the Starcaller Selection Pouch to open it and see what items you can choose from. You can select one item from the pouch and pay listed price in gold to receive it. Gold is not required to open the Starcaller Selection Pouch, but it is required to make your item selection. The amount of Gold you need depends on the rarity and grade of the Starcaller Selection Pouch you’re opening. You can view the contents of the Pouch any time as it will remain in your inventory until you make your item selection or sell it to the vendor.

Note that Starcaller Selection Pouches of the same grade and name (ex. two A01 pouches) will stack, but otherwise they do not. If you don’t have space in your inventory to accommodate all the Starcaller Selection Pouches you receive when you open your Sparkling Starcaller Chest, the additional pouches will go into your overflow inventory.

Starcaller Selection Pouch Contents

There are 60 different variatons of the Starcaller Selection Pouch. The quality and quantity of items in the selection pouch depends on the pouch’s rarity and grade. Opening a Starcaller Selection Pouch will display 8 items for you to choose from. Some of these items include:

Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Emerald

Jasmine Illusion Weapon Chest

Pet Pack

Premier Hongmoon XP Charm

Sacred Oil

Evolved Stone

Hongmoon Gem Powder

Premium Transformation Stone

Grand Celestial Soul Shield

Dyad Gilded Square Ruby-Sapphire

Amity Wings

Starcaller Outfit Selection Chest

Starcaller Outfit Selection Chest Contents

Red Gangplank Style Hair

Tempting Fate

Dragonfly Hair*

Spring Breeze

Shock Jock*






Ship Shape

Shadow Crusade

Clockwork Shogun*



*Adornments of these costumes are available separately in the Outfit Selection Chest.

Starcaller Coin

For each Sparking Starcaller Chest you open, you’ll receive a Starcaller Coin. Combine 10 Starcaller Coins by right clicking the stack and you’ll receive a Sparkling Starcaller Chest! If you’d rather have Gold you can sell each Starcaller Coin to a vendor for 6 Gold each.


Now that you’ve seen the riches that await you, log in and get your Sparkling Starcaller Chests, now available in the Hongmoon Store until April 24!