The beautiful but deadly Midnight Skypetal Plains is getting its difficulty and rewards refreshed for August!

Midnight Skypetal Plains Renewal

It’s been almost four years since Midnight Skypetal Plains was released, and since then, it remains a popular raid zone. In the renewal, we’ll be increasing the weapon requirement for each Sacred Longgui level and updating the available rewards from the zone’s merchants and from defeating the Sacred Longgui.

New Heart Tier

A new Heart tier will arrive with Midnight Reborn. Upgrade your Heart to increase your Attack Power, Critical, and HP while unlocking the Resolution Strike skill that hits your enemy with fixed damage of 250,000 when triggered.

With the new Heart tier, we will also be adjusting the materials and costs of individual lower-tier Hearts.

New Compound System

Boost your character’s stats by adding unused accessories and fusing them with Runes in the new Compound system. This new system acts as a secondary equipment window where you can house your extra accessories and engrave Runes to add stats such as Attack Power and Critical.  Runes are created by using Etching Stones that you attach to your extra accessories. Etching Stones have three grades, and you’ll be able to get them from Midnight Skypetal Plains.

Midsummer Events Extravaganza

If the end of summer has you sad, let us help you take your mind off it with a slew of in-game events!

Heart Maker

If you’ve put off upgrading your Heart, the Heart Maker Event is for you! It’s the perfect time to upgrade Hearts at an even lower material and gold cost.

Summer Chill

To help you stay cool, the Summer Chill Event provides frosty drinks and the opportunity to score the all-new Heatwave bathing suit and a Premium 7-Day Pass.

Hongmoon Bootcamp

If you’re looking into exploring the realm of PvP or upping your PvP game, we’ll have a Battle Kit in the Dragon Express on August 19 for 10 gold-- where we’ll supply you with items to get you moving.  

Angler’s Unity

The sun’s out, and the fish are biting, so why not drop by the fishing docks during Angler’s Unity to earn Unity-related items?

Midnight Hour

When you complete the Rage Against the Longgui Daily Quest in Midnight Skypetal Plains, don’t forget to loot the Longgui Tuft because it can be sold for gold or traded in for Fusion Stones.


Stay tuned for additional previews of upcoming features when Blade & Soul: Midnight Reborn arrives on August 19!