Join a raid to defeat the Sacred Longgui through increasingly difficult levels and earn new rewards.

The Skypetal Plains are thrown into chaos in the Midnight Skypetal Plains raid. Plant monsters and a massive, ancient tortoise—the Sacred Longgui—have taken over the normally pastoral Skypetal Plains which is now bathed in powerful Moonlight Chi. The Sacred Longgui was a peaceful creature who once lived happily in the Divine Realm thousands of years ago, until he made the mistake of eating from the sacred Celestial Garden. Stripped of his eternal youth, the Sacred Longgui is now cursed with old age, madness, and a deadly case of the sniffles.

Now the Sacred Longgui has unexpectedly appeared in the moonlit night of the Midnight Skypetal Plains. A slew of plant and mushroom monsters have followed him there, drawn to the power of his chi. While the Sacred Longgui is not necessarily evil, he and his rowdy multitude of leafy minions are nevertheless extremely destructive and dangerous. Thankfully, your quirky mentor Old Man Cho may have a plan to save the Skypetal Plains and return the Sacred Longgui to his old, peaceful self. Work with your allies to combat the monsters and rescue the Sacred Longgui from his curse before he sneezes and stomps a swath of destruction across the Skypetal Plains.

Gameplay Overview

The Midnight Skypetal Plains is a large PvE instance where you’ll be grouped into a raid with up to 24 total players. The primary focus of the instance is to gain Rage by killing the enemies, and grow the instance's Rage Level for increased difficulty and rewards.

In the Midnight Skypetal Plains, you’ll need to kill the standard enemies to increase the Rage Gauge, and when it reaches 100%, the Sacred Longgui will appear. After you’ve defeated the Sacred Longgui, your Rage Level will increase by 1, and the Gauge will reset. You’ll repeat this process to continuously grow the instance's Rage Level, which will increase the difficulty and rewards. While most players will be able to complete Levels 1–4, progressing (and completing) Levels 5 and 6 will be extremely challenging, but worth the effort.



These costumes are purchased with Lunar Twilight Flowers from the Midnight Exchanger NPCs after earning achievements from clearing the raid’s content.

After Midnight
Guardian of the Wild Midnight Bloom Clip

Lunar Twilight Flower

These are created by combining 20 Lunar Twilight Plants, which are gained throughout the Midnight Skypetal Plains, and are given as rewards from events, the Daily Dash, the Treasure Trove, and more.

Legendary Sacred Longgui Soul Shield

This best-in-slot PvE Soul Shield has a specific version for each class, and is very rarely obtained from Moonlight Soul Shield Chests (below), or is more likely to be purchased from a Midnight Exchanger with Moonlight Crystals and Lunar Twilight Flowers. Moonlight Crystals are earned from Salvaging specific PvE Soul Shields.

Moonlight Soul Shield Chest

This chest drops from the Sacred Longgui and other monsters within the Midnight Skypetal Plains.

Moonlight Soul Shield

Obtained directly from the Moonlight Soul Shield Chest, this new Heroic Soul Shield is between the Asura and Ebondrake Soul Shields in relative power.