Complete challenges and quests to purchase new limited-time rewards—available until December 7.

The Midnight Skypetal Plains raid has arrived, and alongside it is the limited-time Moonlight Madness event that can provide additional rewards and opportunities until December 7. The Midnight Skypetal Plains raid is a large instanced area where players are challenged to defeat enemies—and the Sacred Longgui—to increase the instance Rage levels, for increasing difficulty and increasingly great rewards.

Moonlight Madness

During the Moonlight Madness event (November 16–December 7) you can earn Golden Seeds (explained below), in addition to bonus chests for completing the dynamic quests within the raid. These chests will contain loot similar to what drops off of the Sacred Longgui when defeating him—providing a way to get his loot even faster for a limited-time.

Golden Seeds are the other half of the Moonlight Madness event, and they can be obtained from a number of sources while the event is running:

  • Midnight Skypetal Plains Daily Quests (number of Golden Seeds rewarded)
    • Rage Against the Longgui (5)
    • Fight the Moonlight (1)
    • Offal Isn’t Awful (1)
    • Fighting Evil By Moonlight (1)
  • Daily Challenge
    • Golden Seeds added as Daily Challenge rewards on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (server time)

Once you’ve obtained enough Golden Seeds you’ll want to visit the Midnight Exchangers (within the raid instance) to purchase from a variety of the limited-time event rewards:

  • Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Citrine
  • Bright Moon Headpiece
  • Hongmoon Silverfrost Masterwork Soul Shield Primers
  • Sacred Longgui Key (used to open Locked Sacred Longgui Soul Shield Chests)

Additionally, Golden Seeds can be used by Soul Wardens to craft legendary quality Hongmoon Silverfrost Soul Warden Soul Shield Primers.

Bright Moon Headpiece

While the event ends December 7, the Midnight Exchanger NPCs will continue to accept Golden Seeds until January 18, allowing you to spend any excess currency left over from the event. So head into the Midnight Skypetal Plains raid while this event is active, and reach for the stars with these new limited-time rewards!

Bright Moon Headpiece