Earn Dueler’s Medallions for participating in Duel Arena or Tag Match.

Hearing of a special celebration of the martial arts, a wealthy patron, who wishes to remain anonymous, has sponsored an event for the Duel and Tag Match Arenas. From August 16 until September 13 you will be rewarded with Dueler’s Medallions for completing the arena specific daily quests you’re already familiar with. This mysterious patron has brought along with him some special Nebula Stones. These powerful Nebula Stones, Auric and Cardinal, are used for enhancing your Seraph/Dawnforged and Baleful/Riftwalk weapons with reduced costs, respectively.


Daily Quest Name

Quest Objective

Dueler’s Medallions Amount

The World Martial Arts Tournament

Participate in 1 Duel Match


One on One

1 Win in Duel Match


You Get a Gold Star

Participate in 3 Duel Matches


Tag Match Win

1 Win in Tag Match


Triple Tag Trial

Participate in 3 Tag Matches



Completing the Daily and Weekly Challenges will also grant you with Devoted Hero Chests—which contains Dueler’s Medallions, and possibly other high value items.



Devoted Hero Chest Amount

Daily Challenge


Weekly Challenge



The Hongmoon Store will also be offering two Dueler’s Medallions daily for the price of 1 NCoin.


The anonymous sponsor has elected to use the Dragon Express to peddle his wares; some of the most valuable items are listed below.

  • Auric Nebula Stone
  • Cardinal Nebula Stone
  • Sacred Oil
  • Xanos Disc
  • Hongmoon Pentagonal Sapphire & Ruby
  • Forging Orb
  • Steel Heart Outfit 
Steel Heart