We’ve added an array of new costumes and accessories.

This week the Hongmoon Store has new Valentine’s Day themed costumes and weapon skins on-offer. This is also your last chance to grab a couple of the costumes in the store—no longer available as of February 12—which will be replaced with two new limited time items. Head to the Hongmoon Store (F10) in-game to purchase these items for your characters; they’re available now!


Scarlet Bird

We also have new limited-time Valentine’s Day bundles that contain new costumes and accessories. Head to the Valentine’s Day event article for more information.

Cat Items


Weapon Skin

Chocolate Illusion weapon skins—sold individually per weapon type.


Chocolate Illusion Axe

Chocolate Illusion Bangle

Chocolate Illusion Dagger

Chocolate Illusion Gauntlet

Chocolate Illusion Staff

Chocolate Illusion Sword

Limited Time

These costumes are only available from the Hongmoon Store for a limited time, and you may not see them again for months or, in some cases, years! Look your best all year round with these unique costumes.

Leaving the Hongmoon Store February 12:

  Colorful Autumn Leaves  

Back to School


Arriving in the Hongmoon Store February 12:


Crimson Tide