We are adding new and improved Premium Membership benefits on July 25.

With the Blade & Soul: False Idols update on July 25, we’re adding new Premium Membership benefits! We sent a feedback survey to many of our current subscribers earlier this year to ask how we could increase the benefit and value of Premium Membership, and these are some of the first improvements we’re making based on your survey feedback.

Outfit Delivery Stamps

Whether you’ve attained multiples of the same costume, you have a ton of cute alts, or you’ve decided to change your main, Premium Membership has you covered. Every month you’ll be able to pick up a free supply of 20 Outfit Delivery Stamps via the Hongmoon Store, so you can send transferable outfit pieces to your other characters.

Character Alteration Vouchers for 90 Day and 365 Day Premium Membership

If you choose the 90 Day or 365 Day Premium Membership, you’ll receive Character Alteration Vouchers directly in your Account Inventory upon the purchase of Premium Membership and with each recurrence. You’ll receive 1 Character Alteration Voucher with a 90 Day Premium Membership, and 4 Character Alteration Vouchers with a 365 Day Premium Membership. Swap up your hairstyle, change your eye color, and (for Lyn folk out there) switch out your ears and tails!

Anyone with a currently active 365 Day Premium Membership as of maintenance on July 25 will be granted their four free Character Alteration Vouchers. Anyone that has purchased a 90 Day Premium Membership between July 1 and maintenance on July 25 will be granted a free Character Alteration Voucher. These free vouchers will be distributed within 24 hours of the Blade & Soul: False Idols update going live on July 25.

20% Discount on Chromatic Thread

It’s hard being a trendsetter, and keeping your outfits fresh is always important. As a Premium Member, you’ll receive a 20% discount on Chromatic Threads in the Hongmoon Store, so you’ll always show up to the raid or arena in style.

Improved Daily Login Rewards

We’ve heard you, and we’re making changes. We’ve enhanced the Premium Membership Daily Login Rewards to provide stronger bonuses to gameplay.

We hope you enjoy these improvements to the Premium Membership benefits! Head on over to the Premium Membership page to purchase a subscription, see all the other benefits available to members, and read the FAQ.