We’ve overhauled the Premium Membership system with better rewards.

The new Premium Membership system is now available! Our overall goals with the revamp were to remove complexity, improve the overall baseline rewards, and ensure that they all feel like strong bonuses to gameplay—not blockers to enjoying the game if you don’t have Premium.

We’re also giving everyone a chance to try out the new system with 7 days of FREE Premium Membership time from the 2nd Anniversary Festival Gift, available for free from the Hongmoon Store. Head over to the 2nd Anniversary Festival Overview article for more info.

You’ll of course want to head over to the new Premium Membership page for an overview of the new system, but below we’ll cover a few of the highlights.

Goodbye Premium Ranks

The Premium Rank and Point system is gone, and instead when you’re a Premium Member you’ll get all the same great benefits as if you were at the maximum tier of the previous system. No additional purchases are required—all the maximum bonuses are baseline now.

For those of you who ranked up your Premium Tiers, you’ve been provided additional days of free Premium Membership based on the below table.

Rank Achieved

Free Premium Days





















Goodbye Chi Recovery Benefit

Having Premium for the improved Chi recovery rate really didn’t make much of a difference, so it was already on the chopping block, but when reviewing our goals of how we’re revamping the system it was further cemented that this was something that didn’t belong in Premium.

This is one of two bonuses we’ve removed from the system, everything else is otherwise an addition or improvement.

Showroom for Everyone

The second bonus we’ve removed is the Showroom (previously called the Wardrobe). This is now a baseline feature available to all players. We want those who have Premium to enjoy the benefits it provides because it adds to the game experience, and not because they feel forced to have it to be able to do basic things like manage their inventory space.

Earn Hongmoon Coin

With Premium Membership you’ll now earn 15 Hongmoon Coins every day just for logging in. There’s a little bit of “vacation protection” built in too, and you can accrue up to 45 Hongmoon Coins (three days’ worth) before needing to log in and collect it—any accrued Hongmoon Coin will need to be picked up within 30 days or it’ll reset the next time you log in.

Daily Premium Cache

Every day Premium Members will be able to purchase a chest from the Hongmoon Store for 30 Hongmoon Coins. It’ll always contain Fortune Potions, a Rare Element, Solar Energy, and Excellent Hongmoon XP Charm; as well as a chance at some rarer items, like a Sacred Oil, Gem Powder, or Legendary Jewel—or just a big sack of gold.


We hope you enjoy these improvements to the Premium Membership system! Head on over to the new Premium Membership page to see all the benefits, and the FAQ.