Continue the ongoing saga, with exciting raid content and eerie events.

October has arrived and during this sinister season, we bring news of a brand new update for Blade & Soul that features a welcome return from our favorite mystery merchant, the continuation of the Aransu school saga and the introduction of a new raid boss!

Temple of Eluvium – The Hive Queen

Zulia has sought refuge deep within the mysterious inner chambers of the Temple of Eluvium; and you’ll need to follow her. Lost in her rage and fear, Zulia has no desire to be found, and has turned the Temple’s preternatural guardians against any who dare enter. Should you manage to survive the onslaught of the giant Augerites, powerful fiends, and twisted harpies, you’ll need to face Zulia herself—as the newly crowned Queen of the Hive.

Fallen Aransu School

The Great Thrall that once protected the Aransu School has become corrupted. You’re tasked to defeat the school’s guardians, enter the grounds of this no longer peaceful school, and defeat the Vileblood Thrall that threatens to alter its memory forever. You must restore light and order to the Aransu School!

Blade & Ghoul 2017 featuring the Merchant of Wonders

October 18–November 8

Complete  the Daily Challenge to earn additional rewards via the Ghoulish Gift Box while the eerie event is taking place on the Earthen Realm. In addition, creepy candy consumables that provide a powerful effect for 10 minutes within Skybreak Spire, Temple of Eluvium, and Scion’s Keep will be available through the Ghoulish Gift Box as well as from the Merchant of Wonders’ wares.  As an added bonus, completing the Raven’s Cry and Chasing Zulia weekly raid quests will earn you increased rewards as well as a chance at cosmetics from each raid!

Merchant of Wonders
The Realm’s most mysterious merchant has returned! After completing certain dungeons, you’ll have a chance to meet the new Merchant of Wonders, Shin Baeyun, who’ll be taking Shin Bahye’s place for the spooky season. She’ll be offering each member of your party the opportunity to purchase one of her randomly selected items – including a chance at ghoulish cosmetics.


More details on the Blade & Ghoul 2017 event and what Shin Baeyun has in store this time around will be revealed on October 18.